'To Be Strong'


United States
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(A wise man once said
Words in no particular song
"To conquer others is to have strength
To conquer yourself is to be strong"
In lucid dreams at night
When I'm thinking of my dreams
I'm dreaming of a purpose fulfilled
of how much stronger I need to be
Most with vigilence will say
when the storms bring the rain
Being strong is nothing more
than how well you hide the pain
Most in Life will tempt you
Lead you into a mist
May I be strong enough to know my course
something more than once I've wished
There is a stronger voice than others
one I can only hear
I can hear it deeper down
Something past the listening ear
so when I tread upon a path
that seems questionable to you
Do not try to change me
My strength will see me through
To have strength is able to act
To be strong is to have the will
both I still strive to have
Evermore yet still



When I wrote 'To be strong', It was inspired by Lao Tzu and how I felt like he was speaking to me through a poem he wrote. It made me feel like a human being when I felt like I was under sided by life in a small town. When everyone questions what you want for your future, and tries to influence you to be something not you.

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