The Voices

Why do i complain? What can i solve?

Just a girl standing at five one, I couldn't stand tall if my God had blessed me so.

A loser from a small town,

in one small school

in one small district 

in a state told that they do nothing but breed stupid


What can i do?

I am one of three hundred and thirty seven

one in an entire congregation

one of three children

one in a house of seven

But i need, no, I have a large voice.


I call attention to me when i wish to be in the spotlight

 I am not a number,

a statistic

a head in a picture,

I am a child of God who was born in these United States of America

Flights listen to my command, crowds gather to hear students like me speak

I am a VP, a commander, a daughter, an American!


So give me what you wish, choose what to give me

But dead or alive i will speak with my many voices

I command with my voice, confess with a flurry of my pen, and call attention with the tap of keys

I have been given a voice, and their ain't nothing wrong with it. 

So i call to my brothers and sisters, let me hear youre voice




This poem is about: 
Our world


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