Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:17 -- jmcveen


I beg of you, pen, just tell me the truth

In some beauty that yanks at my tears

When I taste your strength I learn that my

Potential outlives my years


So tell me, true pen, what may I have missed

Those days that I felt so brave?

Spare your praise or BS pity

Just teach me your wide-eyed ways


With a hum and a click and a chamber of steam

The ink responds to my prayer

I now close my eyes and let the pen dream,

My hand chasing the layers


I wonder, I wonder, if the man with no fear

Who boldly travels the world

Is truly not strong when you finally find

His storied blue-eyed girl?


She ruined your life and your old future

Is what you surely believed

And perhaps still do, for your difference was true

But is love in what you perceive?


Or can it loiter through thoughtful timber

Deep in the woods of the mind

Live off the trees and land and seeds

Dormant in your own insides?


You may pick up your pack, set out in pride

And hike off to free from this woods

Walk into a cab and start a new path

So that forest is gone for good


But until you face her, as far as you go

Something that you’ll never change

Is that woods still builds the horizon

And that love still haunts your brain…


So the punch was thrown and the point was made

 I thanked the pen for the words

For I needed to crawl with the old lover’s pain

If I am ever to fly with the birds.


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