Magic Number Nine



If you didn’t already know, it’s a magical number


I’m a magician

No, not your Houdini or Potter

But I can make things disappear

I can make you see the magic behind it all, than just the illusion itself

I can make you believe in the performance I set before your very eyes

Come, and take a look inside my special black top hat

Oh, were you expecting silly rabbits?



Tricks are for kids

I’m not a trickster

But a performer

Never pretender



The magic number

A number that sticks out more than anything in my brain right now

Time is only the pure essence of an illusion

But however, life is not an illusion

And making something disappear is not as easy as it may look

Not looking at the essence of time and how it flies by before our every eyes

Can really make you reminisce and dwell on all your regrets




Pass us by

So does the magic

No more illusions, just reality

The blunt reality of eliminating the magic that once lived here

My magic used to be here

She had me ready to perform

To take on anything

For her


Was someone who could’ve changed my whole view of the world

Change not only me







Is still magical

But not in the same way as it was months ago

It’ll never mean the same to me or my top hat

Because I’m done with illusions

I’m forced to deal with reality

Which has me thinking that maybe

I’m not as good of a performer as I thought

Time to hang up the cape and toss out the gloves


I won’t do that

I’m going to show my assistant that I could’ve gave her everything

I’ll give them a show they’ll never forget

So when her time comes to take a seat and watch me

Perform magic in front of her big, beautiful, innocent eyes

I’ll remind her of the magic number nine

Only this time,

The magic won’t be an illusion

Because she is mine

She is my magic number



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