The Power of Her Eyes


Though she is fragile and shy,

her eyes tell a story she cannot hide. 

Green as the leaf of a rose, 

her eyes attract you. Why? You don't know. 


Though she is fragile and shy,

her strength is built from the inside. 

While her daddy rests in peace,

her mommy self medicates. 


Your help is not needed,

nor is it wanted. 

Strong baby Lyla can survive. 

Can't you see it in her eyes?


You may be strong on the outside;

able to bend steel and break bricks. 

But sweet baby Lyla is stronger. 

She has been independent for much, much longer. 


So do not pity her,

for that will cause her to riot. 

Strength is is her greatest quality. 

Her eyes tell the story she cannot hide. 


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