FIsty Dreams

Dreams are straight fisty, if you don't chase it , then you'll never get the right seen,

facing the judge cause they really are the box king, what would you do when your children starving for some ice cream,

heart in so much heat and all they wanna do is chill, dreams to grow become a lawyer just like uncle Phil,

I'm not a rapper lookin towards a deal, just a artist that dream to be an actor, chasin a couple mill,

success is my twin and together yeah we build a tower,

everyday at 9:11 send a prayer to all the fallen victims while sending our love to them Fallon soldiers,

my heart goes out to the victims family, just got a quoter, pending request,

the girl that got it just won't except, the day she got it was the day she wore her favorite dress,

funeral service, pastor john blessed the pain of death, faded smiles,

tears bombing on lost soul with a  broken vest, middle school bully shot down to reclaimed a bet,

win or lose now and day it doesn't take a lot to lose.


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