The Crowd

They said to be relevant, you must be one of them.

They said to mean something, you must follow them.

They said to really live, you must do as they,

So why, when I follow them, does life pass away?


I do as they do, and I receive their praise,

But I still feel empty inside, as if I've lost my way.

I go along with their plans, hoping to be satisfied,

But when all is done, I just feel like a lie.


They say "wear that," and they say "do this,"

Never am I satisfied, no matter what it is.

They lay out the rules and ridicule the breakers,

But they're the fakes that are hiding their faces.


I know now the world, our society, is a lie,

They encourage falsehood and live life disguised.

They run from God, or try to at least,

And lead others astray with their foolish schemes.


They tell you what to do, "try this," and "try that,"

"Now this is cool," "Here's where it's at."

But why is this? They see themselves as gods.

They hide from the Creator, trying to please themselves.


Do not follow the crowd, they'll drag you to hell,

Some know not where they're going, some know full well,

But no matter the issue, no matter the cause,

Live your life to please solely God.


They'll try to entice you, they'll tempt you and mock you,

But do not give in, don't let them deceive you,

Stand firm in your faith, be strong in God's righteousness,

And God will stand by you, and strengthen you in weakness.


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