Dear Society....Please Listen


Dear Soceity, 

You need to stop with these lessons,

Where young girls are forced to see

How imperfect their bodies can be.

How sex is a tool for sucess, 

How breasts are ment for something so much less.

We are WOMEN-

The power to give life. 

Why do you destroy us?

Take away our only life?

This is why I am finished; why I am done.

This world you want us to live in?

Its toxic. 

No one knows the true meaning of logic.

If they did, we wouldn't be here. 

Struggling to breathe and fighting for our justice.

Slapping your sneer.


I was lifeless once, 

In a world where faces mean more than the places you'd want to go. 

But now? I am done with your ideals.

Finished with your controls,.

Its my time to take the remote;

Make this life my OWN. 


We are pounded with your values and scolded for our desires.

But at the end of the day,


It's you who are the biggest liars. 


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