Don't Speak

Don't Speak by Rebecca Olsen

Looking around me I see disarray

And drama tea.

Don’t speak

Put on your phony mask; you make me laugh.

Don’t speak, hold your breath.


Life teaches you lessons

Don’t speak, hold your breath and deceit.

Truth is pain

Pain is believing a lie

Lying is not speaking

Don’t speak

No escape.


Going in circles

Feeling complacent

Speak the truth.

Band-Aids after Band-Aids

Is there no escape?

Speak the truth.


Spread your wings,

Open up.

Express with confidence

Speak the truth.

Life is nothing but a lie

Without painful truth

to set us free.

Speak the unspeakable.


I fly free

From your clamp of deceit.

For I have spoken the truth

That all misspeak.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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