Tue, 06/28/2016 - 12:07 -- dlevert

You spend your whole life building a brick wall.

You on one side. The other unknown.

One day you hear a soft knock. A whisper.

A tentative voice coaxing you to, just come over.

You climb to the top. Curiosity getting the best of you. You peek over.

Below you see a beckoning hand and a smile.

You duck behind the wall again.

No. That was a mistake, right?

You look over again to be sure but you see the same.

As you sit on top of the wall, the ground is far below you. If you jump you can make it.

You begin to push yourself off to take the leap, but feel a vibration.

Looking down again you see a hammer being repeatedly thrown onto the brick.


Over and over. You plead for it to stop but you feel useless.

The wall begins to crumble along with you.

Twisted among the rumble you won’t move. Can’t move.

The smile stands there staring without movement.

It appears the same but something is different. It does not feel as safe as it once was when you were on top of the wall.

It turns and walks away.

You lay there in shock, hurt, and confused. My wall.

But….I was going to jump.

You stay there. Above the clouds crawl across the sky just like the day before.

Suddenly, you are up.

You look around at the mess. You begin to rebuild.

This time I will use stronger bricks.

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