The Glow Up

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 19:29 -- aislyna

When I was younger I could not wait to grow up

I would see all these people and admire their glow up

Little did I know that it was all trap

Because just when I hit 18 there was no going back

I wanted highschool to end so fast 

Acting like life after, would be a blast

In high school I experienced some of my most embarrasing phases

And I thought I looked fabulous because of all the false praises

My makeup and fashion taste my last two years were questionable

but now all those memories are just unevitable

Senior year I stepped up my game

and I think that's the year I gained some more fame

Entering 9th grade I was very shy 

But my glow up process helped me no longer be that guy

I made so many amazing friends

that would keep me updated with trends

And I'm not going to lie

but I still don't understand how I thought I looked fly

For example, there was this trend where you would only curl one piece of your hair

I thought I looked so good but no wonder people would just stare

Another year I shaved my brows with my dads razor blade

and oh my goodness that has to be one of the top embarrasing choices I have made

After graduation, I was excited to start college

but being a first generation student, I really didn't have much knowledge

Fall quarter hit 

and let me just tell you, I wanted to quit

Everything was so different and I felt so alone

like I really was just out of my zone

I struggled so much and felt depressed

never in my life had I experienced so much stress

I cried myself to sleep 

because college isn't cheap

The classes were so much more harder than in high school

and I just though how could life be so cruel

I felt isolated and scared

and just so despaired

I even came to think that college wasn't for me

but then I reminded myself I could not flee

My first year in college has been such a bumpy ride

but I can say thank God I haven't died

It's been tough 

and sometimes I feel like I'm not enough

but then I remember that I am  not alone

because this is just part of being grown

In highschool my personaility and physical apprearance glowed up nicely

and for college that is also what I hope precisely 

I have grown and matured

and my ability to be persistent is assured

I miss my childhood days

but I know that life has its ways

I can proudly say that I like who I've become

and I thank all the challenges I have overcome

My glow up is not over yet

after this college debt is no longer a threat 

I will shine, be succesful and look back at my younger self, that wanted to speed life up

and thank them because I became a strong and amazing grown up










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