“People inspire you, or they drain you–
Pick them wisely."
-Hans F. Hansen

I'm in love.
I'm in love with her.
I'm in love with her mind, her eyes, the way she speaks out about things she's passionate about.
I love her fingers the way they fit just right in mine.
I love her toes, not in a sexual fetish way but the way she digs her feet's under my thighs to keep warm.
The back of her head.. The way her neck curves so perfectly it makes my lips feel so welcome.
The tip of her nose the way it balls in the most cutest of ways.
She clears the fog in my head the same way she fits perfectly into the dent in my bed.
What I would give to lay my arm around her and hold her for hours.
Her whisper takes place for f the wind that sneaks through the trees.
Her voice is all I hear good or bad.
I wish I could have nights to lose myself in her.
Wrap ourselves in the love I want her to feel.
She's the only subject my pen knows how to write.
Words come so easy when I'm speaking of her.
Like the days were she doesn't think she looks good–
She always does♥
She is my peach,
I want more than anything to be her plum.
She makes flowers grow in my lungs,
although beautiful–
I can't breathe.
I try to find the strength to actually speak out loud. but–
I'm in love and for now that will be enough.


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