A Second Chance


United States
41° 40' 6.7548" N, 87° 43' 37.6032" W

God give me a second chance
I’ve been dealt a hand that no man can understand
Falling in between the lines
Of is this truth or are there lies

I can’t help it
The hand I’ve dealt with

Tell me the truth
Taking a step out of the darkness
Afraid to be bitten by this life
I tried to stop this

It’s who I am
It’s who I be
And not another damn day will fly through me
I’m here and I’m out
I’m strong
Can I shout?

I’m like the rest of us
I say us because we all have the same type of love

God give me a second chance.

I’m proud of who I am
Stronger I will stand
The closer I will stand
The stronger I will hold
Onto this hand of my lover
Of the same sex not another.

This is my second chance.
I am who I am,


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