Put on those gloves and I feel the power surge. 

I feel the lightning in my veins.

I hear the thunder in my heart.

I become stronger with every drop of sweat.

I become faster with every breath.


Turn of a calf,

A twisting of a hip,

Lifting of a knee,

And like a snake,

strike and retreat.


The world disappears around me;

My focus is on the outline of my opponent.

I feel the burn from the fire in her eyes.

The fight intensifies with a temporary hatred.


A quick back-fist to the head.

A quick kick to the ribs.

Pain and pleasure.


The growth of passion is a fire that heats the air.

Feet lightly hitting the ground,

Almost hovering like warrior angels.

Until the buzzer sounds.


Nothing beats being a fighter,

And the friendship built purely on shared satisfaction.


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