Common Pain

Common Pain


The young woman traumatized

The events that guided taught her lessons about life

Rich in memories and lessons, while others are broke

The pain that stabs because of their ignorant jokes

She truly understands harassment and rape

Biggest part of her life, she cannot shake

Trust issues holding her back

Pain coming from a sword rather a tack

Fake smiles everyday on her face

Distanced herself from everybody, too much space

The trauma that consumes her life

In which it screws up her state of mind

The memory and thought that doesn’t expire

Paranoia of similar situations happening had guided her

Being careful of doing anything wrong

Preventing it from happening again, she had became so strong

A rose that grew from concrete

Disregarding every suspicious guy that she meets

She can’t help it

Her protection, she simply can’t sell it

It’s, sadly, a common pain a lot go through it

Making them feel broken, society is ruined


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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