A woman has it all

Proudly the scars and marks she flaunts

No masks she ever needs to hide them
They are a reminder of her ever changing roles 
She is an epitome of grit and strength 

The sleepless nights because of worries 
Is symbolized by the darkness under her beautiful eyes
She won’t sleep a wink with incomplete chores
No matter how hard she ever tries

She does not hesitate to flaunt the figure so shapeless
Her perfections are imprinted on her benignant soul
She is an inherent part of all that’s around her 
Yet there is nothing she calls her own 

She disguises her tears with her fake laughter
With her undying spirit she overcomes every fear 
An arrant woman and mother she rightly claims to be 
Though to many ignorant eyes frail she may appear

The satisfaction that lies in the tired body
For her unkempt appearance she feels no shame 
She stands by her man’s side in testing times 
And yet she is known by a man’s name 

This poem is about: 
My community


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