I am a woman with

I am a woman with a vision.

A vison so clear that I will break through all barriers to reach.

I am a student.

Despite all prejudements, I have made it to Howard University.

I am a daughter.

I strive to make my mother proud.

I am not what social media defines a black girl as.

I am soul that lays within my body.

I am happy.

Despite the thing i've gone through in life.

I am strong.

I was raised by a lion.

I am smart.

I am not a person that can be defined.

I am a gift to the world.

I possess something that others do not.

I am unique.

I deserve more than I have gotten.

I am a striver.

I will strive to be the best me that I can be. 

I am Monique Scott.

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