Who I Am

I may not be my mother, tall, strong and bold

but who I am is who I am and that is all you need to know

not absent from impression that I care not to impose

but the courage in me, the person who is exposed

endure hardship and pain throughut my adolescent years

but never defeated by hurt, anger or fears

to think you know me should never be the case

but to stop and get to know me, will definitely bring us to

a better place

I tell one this in short and just hope you come to understand

but who I am is who I am and that is all you need to know

a fraction of society

a remembrance of the world

I'm no longer that innocent by stander

and I live as a young woman, no longer a little girl

so who I am is who I am and that is what I have come to see

and if you come to know who I am, you will find out I have

much of my mother in me

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