I died last night


I died last night

Gave my best

Took all my strength

But I still lost the fight

Fought for our love with all of my might

But all my dreams came crashing down

Heart ripped out my chest

At the bloody sight

Of you loving her

And thats when I swallowed my last breath

Because your love gave me life, right?

Wrong... so wrong was I...

To believe you would not lie

Or make me cry

I just wanted to be happy

Your energy

Use to give me

Strength to fly

But last night I died

With tears in my eyes

No longer a slave

I buried our love in my grave

You took my heart from me

You took the life right outta me

But it's okay...

Because now I'm free

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Ooh, I hope you record this! I'd love to hear this read aloud :)

Amrutha...The Legend

Thats a nice and thoughtful poem...I liked it. :)

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