Isn't it so funny how we all sit there and create these different scenarios in our heads, 

But most of the time they are negative ones, and they are things that we dread.

Why is it that fear has filled us with these ideas that the worst things are going to come,

And that if we have hope that miracles will happen, we are considered to be strange to some.

I am tired of having all of that self doubt, and never believing that I am worthy of that hope,

 And that anytime I go after those miracles that it is just going to lead me down a slippery slope.

It is so easy for us to create these negative scenarios in our minds,

But when we try to change those thoughts, those ideas can be harder to find.

From now on, as much as it terrifies me, I am going to go after what I want,

Because I know that if I don't, those actions of regret are the things that will forever haunt.

There have been very few times that I have actually put myself out there like that, 

And sometimes it has worked, and other times that results that I was hoping for fell flat.

Regardless, everyday is a new place to begin, and there is always going to be a fresh start,

And all that it takes is for you to be willing to put yourself out there and lead with your heart.

Maybe it won't work out the way that you want it to, but there is always that chance that it will,

But putting yourself out there and taking that chance is always better than living in regret because you stayed still.

Good things come to those who take risks, and it is always amazing the good that can come from stepping outside of your comfort zone,

Because life can he difficult, scary and hard, but it is also up to us to change that tone. 



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This is quite well-written. Nice work!


Awwwwww thank you so much!!!! :)

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