A Smile Can't Fix It All

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 17:08 -- kmf24


"small lips", "big nose", "pale face",

"big eyes", "small thighs", "fat in the wrong place", 

"awkward", "strange", "too shy", 

but "dont let them get to you", "dont you cry"

smile, smile, smile. 

"never been to a party", "I hear she's never even kissed a guy"

smile, smile, smile. 

"she's no good at sports", "not even that smart" 

smile, smile, smile. 

I hear these words, 

words they all say. 

I walk passed disgusted looks, 

at least one every day. 

Inside my head I hear, 

"give up, give up, give up..."

It's all very clear. 

I go home and collapse onto my bed, 

the words run through my head. 

I try to shake them off, try not to care. 

But they're just always there. 

When I wake up and start my day, 

I place a smile on my face. 

I'll never give it away. 

I walk through the hall

wearing a forced smile, 

one you'd see on a barbie doll. 

But I only compare myself to her in this place. 

I dont haave her wide hips,

or her itsy bitsy waist. 

Before I go to sleep to finally escape it all, 

I wash the make-up off of my face. 

But the smile rips off too. 

The fake laughs turn into pains in my stomach. 

The fake happiness is now a pounding in my head. 

I wish I didn't believe it. 

You know, all they said. 

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