yes, you.


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Ya nigga played you but you blamin' bitches,

throwin the blame because you know he was wit us

fuckin' other females but sayin he love you,

the reason you take him back because he admit that he does it

and you forgive him

everytime yes you forgive him

casue you forget that you're a dime,

he used to say it all the time,

now all you know is all his lies

you can see it in his eyes,

he's unfaithful.

and you're so afriad of new love

so you stick with blue love

not true love that breaks trust and makes rust of the gold bands upon your hands

is he a boy or a man

Girl. Love yourself.

Trust yourself

when you know your worth yourself

THEN you'll know better,

do better,

love better,

get better,

Dump that sorry nigga.

Cause it's not worth it.

No, the self-degregation

or emotional segregation 

or sexual temtation

aint worth it.

He might be what you know but what you know is old.

He might be what you know but his heart is cold.

He might be what you know but he's lying to your face

and for as long as you let him

yes as long as you let him

Your strength is still broken


There is a light

Oh yes

There is a light

You can rebuild the walls that were broken

You can retry on love that was stolen

Even if it means you might cry

on someone elses shoulder

Its okay to cry to someone else,

because when you


dry your eyes

you will be new.


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