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To whoever may read these words,


I only ask you do not cry for my pain but instead cheer for my achievements and my strength. I live today because of my courage. I no longer live with no life, I live enriched in life. I thank you for reading this poem of what it has been like to live life in my shoes. I pray that from now on maybe my life can change the way you see and treat life. Now for all that I have to offer I offer you this poem:


I have a body that cannot move.

I have a heart that yearns for hope.

I have a mind that ponders its purpose.

I am a girl trapped in a prison.

I cannot climb the heights of sociality and forward thinkers.

I live in a world all to myself, but not to myself.

I live under the the rules of others who say that they are for my own protection.

I live under the rules of physical ability

I hates the chains that bind me

I hated the constant nagging to obey from a father who cared for nothing but his own twisted ideology.

I hate my body that won't listen to my desires and my will.

I hate that I cannot live my life the way I wish.

I hate the restrictions placed on me.

I hate the silence I must live in.

I hate the stillness that surrounds me.

I hate others biased opinions against me, based on nothing but my fake smile and disconcerting attitude.

 I live on lies.

Lies about my personality,

lies about my emotions,

lies about my home,

lies about my family,

lies about my health.

I am trapped, trapped in a life that’s not my own.

I am trapped in a endless loop forever by a nightmare of memories of an painful past.

I am trapped by the ideals of thick minded adults who think their way is the only truth.

I am trapped by the constraints of my body and my mind.

I am trapped in constant pain.

I live my life in a box.

A box filled with nothing but familiarity and patterns,

a box as dull as curdled milk.

Doing the the same things day in, day out.

Trapped in a box that acts as my prison,

keeps me hostage and never offers a slight of freedom.

A box that shows my future

a future bleak and same

a future of nothingness

a future with no surprises

That box is my prison

That box keeps me trapped for now.

But I have my own plan,

I have my own will that guides my future.

I have a dream where everything is different.

I have a dream that dictates the life of all.

I have a dream where judgemental attitudes are shoved in a place where the sun don’t shine.

I have a goal that will brighten the lives of imperfect children

I have a skill that will create characters everyone can learn from.

I have a hand that flows with the power of creativity and life.

I may have suffered but now I live.

I may have been abused but now I am free.

I may still hurt and I may still doubt

But now I have hope,

Now I have desire,

Now I have a passion,

Now I have a reason to fight for life.

I draw with a purpose,

I create with a purpose,

I bring characters to life with a purpose.

I will bring change to the indifferent  and encourage the imperfect

I will change the stigma of disability to one of hope and pride so that one day a child can proudly say I am different and I have a role model.

I will draw to create characters that imperfect children can aspire to be because of their imperfections.

Life isn’t always fair but it will always teach someone a lesson when they need it most.

I want to see no more people weep in the face of crisis and difference

I want bullying to end at a fundamental level

I want abuse to end at its base cause

I want us to be proud to show our pain because it means that we survived.

Pain and life means that we live and their will never be a greater gift than the gift of life in the adversity of pain and suffering.



An impassioned survivor


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