Letting Go

After all this time, I finally realized what I need to do,

And that is to let go of everything that I went through.

To finally forgive you after everything that went down,

And to finally pick myself up off of the ground.

To realize that how you treated me has nothing to do with me,

But it was because you were never able to see.

That there was always someone there along,

Who would have loved you unconditionally, and would never do you wrong.

But it is no longer my responsibility to make you see it my way,

And it is slowly starting to get a little better everyday.

But the pain is still there, and it comes in waves,

But that is okay, because your love is something that I no longer crave.

And I am okay with us never speaking again,

Because maybe you and I were not meant to stay friends. 

And that this whole time, it was all about how I perceived you,

And I was too blind to see everything that you were putting me through.

But despite it all, I am thankful for the memories that we made,

And I am thankful for all the laughs that we had, and all of the games that we played.

I know it didn’t end up how I wanted it to be,

But I am still thankful that for a short time, there was a you, and there was a me.

Because you helped me push myself in ways that I never have before,

And you were part of the reason that I knew I could reach for more.

You helped me discover something in myself that I never knew I had,

So even though there was pain, there are still moments where I am glad.

Because the years that you were in my life were a fun time,

Because you were a genuine friend, and things like that are not easy to find. 

I don’t blame either of us for everything that happened between you and I,

Because deep down, I know that you’re a good guy.

I hope you get everything you deserve, and I wish you nothing but the best,

And I am happy that I can finally lay this chapter of my life to rest.

It’s okay that It just didn’t end up working out my way,

But that is okay, and I will find somebody else someday.


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