Like a flower bright and tall

Surrounded by weeds

But shines and never hides

Making it through

Being pulled down to doom


Looking to the sky bright and blue

The beautiful sun streaming through

Clouds come and the rain begins

The storms arrive and fail to end


A sliver of sun between the storms

Give hope for something far more


Clouds part for the final time

A flower of height

As bright as the sun

Grows taller than the weeds

And welcomes the bees


Welcomed by those similar and kind

Learns love with friends in mind

Only sees what's up and bright

Can't care for what is meant for fright


Finds peace at last as the days grow cold

The melancholy feeling of growing wise and old

Sees just a sky blue and bright

With all the happiness in the world

Found through her very own might


This poem is about: 
Our world


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