The elegance dripped from her body onto her toes, as if someone had taken and lifted her above and beyond my world.

Had draped beauty over her soft spoken words and slowly released all her pain until there was no more.

Taking it all upon its being and left no emotions of any kind but ecstasy in the most at normal way.

Tracing her fingertips and lacing her bones the pace of a soul couldn’t go wrong,

The defining admiration of stunning.

But none of which was helpless.

Full of pride and strength that woman knew.

Respect twittered from her eyelashes and understanding cloaked her heart.

The most unworldly thing unraveled from perfect.

Revealing to us the courage and ambition.

The one unlike any other one we had hoped could be blessed to this earth for us to awe at. And with.

The precious being frolicked on clouds of shades of pink and white.

Only to be eluded by passion and strucken with “real”.


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