Dear Brother

Home is a sanctuary,

a place of love and warmth.

Where a child's height is marked

year after year on the laundry room wall.

At Christmas time, 

the smell of cookies and laughter 

fill the cold winter's air.

And an old dog sleeps peacefully

outside the young girl's bedroom, 

protecting her from predators of the night.

No one ever guessed

who that girl's predator would be.


Brothers are a blessing to most.

Someone to protect their baby sister from boys.

To teach her sports, 

and how to defend herself. 

But no brothers teach the girl to defend herself

from them.


When did the home 

become a place of hell?

When did heaven

seem to clash with the world beneath?

When did God

choose to unleash fire on that child's sweet world?


If everyone had it their way, 

we would all have that sanctuary of a home.


we don't choose our fates.


Accidents happen.

An accident it was indeed,

though the pulls of whiskey that entered your system, 

and drugs running through your blood

only hurt your unfortunate situation.


was you fate, dear Brother.

But God's plans for you were different,

and your young sister suffered the consequences of your actions.


When you healed, 

you were never the same.


your legs were slow, words were slurred,

and head was scarred from the brain trauma you endured.


you became a complete and utter monster.


When home was no longer her sanctuary,

the lock on the bedroom door was. 

How does a child beg her parents to stay home, 

without being able to say the reason why.

If she spoke a word,

you would kill her in more ways than one.


Bruises became a daily occurance.

Tears stained the pillow of the young girl,

every night.

Laughter was rare,

and her once rosy cheeks were now snow white.

It seemed as if

she became a body, 

rather than a soul.


Dear Brother,

You cannot hurt me anymore, 

for I know now my true strength.

I wish you no harm in this world,

but only the fullfilment

of the fate you so sweetly deserved.





This poem is about: 
My family


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