This moment right here

This moment right here,

Is when you learn to heal on your own.

Make amends to fact that his body can no longer lay next to you

As you weep your struggles to his shoulders.

Nobody to comfort you with short texts of empathy and uplifting poetry,

All kept in that emergency folders.

No, he can not lift you to the couch to lay

So that his form will cover the space between your piercible skin

And the harsh lashes of life's break-in.


You will now have to take those beatings.

It will be your blood that spills from wounds that you will have to mend.

Your hands that will have to be placed as shields braving cold winds

Winds that are meant to knock the air right from your tryings

Biting winds that will place you through trials and tribulations

Of trying to catch your balance on frozen grounds

And from each trip, will you then realize

Just how strong you can become.


The strength that is manfested by the flares of your nose

heat emiting from your notrils

frying all obstacles of those

Terrible mountains that once took a mans hand to move but

Now stumble and hesistate to grow

In dominance, you will show just what powers

lay behind those palms of yours.

So brave it.

So that all mountains can shrink into the sizes of moles

And all big hills can once again become ant hills

that you plug in with giant wills

and goals of what


Brave through the tears my dear

And frustrations.

And fevers,colds, illnesses and chills

And giants that step on your path to target and kill your will,

to fix yourself.

Remember that you're a David and this the field of battle

Set by God

Who hand delivered you the rock and slingshot paddle

And in this moment,

The prophecy never wrote that the Mighty David

rode into the battle on the breastplate of a man

Just to shake and rattle

his giant adversary.

He bared himself, and presented himself

to himself and possibly thought "By myself

With the help of my father and no one else,

I shall take down my obstacle."

...And down it fell.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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