Rise or Fall?

No matter what life decides to put you through, it is up to you to keep going,

And even when it seems like you can't keep going, moving forward is what is going to help you to keeo growing.

I have learned that even though people say they want the best for you, they never want you to do better than they are,

Because they know that what you are doing, they would never be able to go nearly as far.

It may seem like the people around you want you to succeed, but a lot of them don't have the best intentions for you,

and even though you wanted to believe that something different was going to happen, deep down, this was something that you always knew.

I always wondered why I was never good enough for them, but I am starting to realize that that is not true,

And I realized that I am the definition of strength, because no one knows about half of the battles that I have been through,

I realized that it takes a tough person to break down every night, and wake up every morning trying again as if nothing ever occured,

And I realized that all of the shit that I have been through are things that most people have never endured.

And that whether I like it or not, there is nothing I can do to make these people treat me any better,

But it is no longer going to stop me from getting what I want and from being a goal getter.

I am no longer letting people, or my emotions, stop me from achieving my goals,

Because these people no longer mean anything to me, and they will no longer play such an important role.

I am no longer comparing myself to others, and letting these people get inside my head,

Because I know that these people don't care if I were alive, or if I were to end up dead.

For a couple of weeks, I am going to go silent and focus on the things that I want to achieve,

Because with or without the support of others, I will always continue to believe. 

I am at the point where I am no longer getting angry or upset, but using this drive to continue to work on me,

And that I don't care about anyone else anymore, and I don't need anyone else to see what I see.

I am excited for this next chapter, and I am going to go after everything that they said I couldn't get,

And that all of these people who treat me like this are no longer going to be a threat.

I can't wait to come back in a couple of weeks as a completely different person,

Because I am taking back my control and power, and I am not going to let this journey continue to worsen.

I am going to achieve everything that I want, with or without you,

Because I no longer care about what any of you do. 

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