Her prowess is unparalleled,

Suppression never dissuaded all that she is--

An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly

To buckle, for she perceives adversity as perspective, not a sentence.


Passionate, tenacious; she is a force of nature--

Every fiber of her manifestation demands respect.

Pervasive, her thoughts-- an omniscient, selective barrier

The miniscule of appearance crushed, but the core

Revels in its struggles.


Binding is the servitude, a prayer moreover--

Gaining on each and every opportunity,

Wasting none, she strived.

She trudged through when the others pranced daintily,

She endured every remark

Her strength built her up

They knocked her down

She mustered up again.


The hazy cycle continued, until there were none left,

She stood, a planted statue

With eyes that gleamed with more than just knowledge--

She possessed experience. Invaluable

Was her journey.


She endeavored for it,

She shed her inhibitions for it,

She sacrificed for it,

Will you earn it?


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My community
My country
Our world
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