Baby Girl

Dear Baby girl,

You have the strength of a warrior
In every life there are battles
But you're not going to win all of them
No matter how hard you fight
Let those bruises and scars be a reminder not a regret
Let them shape who you are
But don't let them keep you from moving forward

Guard your heart but open it up to new possibilities
Explore but don't expose to impress
Keep on your dress
Because only a real man will value your worth
And when that first smell of rain brings your first heartache
Cry but don't let it break you
Just know that your tears don't make you weak
And this heartache will make you stronger even though it hurts

Don't ever let them take that fire in your eyes that I know was always there
Because the minute you loose it,
The battle ends and they win
So you keep dreaming baby girl,
You keep fighting and never stop
That fire in you will never dim unless you stop fighting


Your Future self

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This is crazy relatable and so heart felt.. I am really truly inspired by these words.. I absolutely love this!

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