Mother's Day


My Mother, my friend so dear
Throughout my life you’ve always been near

I can count on you to guide my way
Even when I wake up grumpy to start the day


Giving thanks to you is what today is for

24 hours, so short, you deserve so much more


Here’s to everything you’ve said and done

The advice you’ve given me and the 17 years of fun


Thanks for being my very best friend

And for all the clothes that you graciously to me lend


I will always and forever love you so

And cherish the nights we couldn’t stop watching 90210


You make moments in my life that much better

Like when you were there to see me get my academic letter


I know I can sometimes be in a bad mood

But you always know it just means I need food


A good daughter to you I hope I’m being and I pray

that overall you have a kick-ass Mother’s Day


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