The Beauty In One


One day I woke up

Thinking I had had enough

This world this life was filling me up

with lies that told me I could never be enough

But when I looked into the mirror

thought about how those words made me feel

I realized that I didn't care

That all those people were just full of air

Full of insecurities

and the hope that they will appease

the masses that scorn them constantly

For the perfection that they demand

is more that I can hold in one hand

I realized I can do much better

That I am as beautiful as a love letter

written to a forgotten soul

A love that is worth more than gold

That I am flawless in the eyes of one

The one that is second to none

The one who sees the true beauty in me

The one whom I ever see

The one that gives me the strength to say

"I know who I am, and I am here to stay"

So I will shout to one and all

To believe that you are beautiful and to answer the call

The call to accept who you are and who you are not

You are not insignificant, but as beautiful as an innocent thought



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