Human Nature

Thu, 11/13/2014 - 21:37 -- mhg



When I was just a little girl
My mom would tell me how
She loved my hair of kink and curl
The way she liked it down.

In a school full of blonde beauties
My hair set me apart
The boys always called them cuties
But not me, I was a foodie at heart.

A fault, a blemish, an imperfection
A flaw is but evil in the brain
A wish to dream of no rejection
Homo sapiens is but a name.

It is human nature to have flaw
The genes a child inherits from a parent
Makes their traits unique and raw
The dominant traits are declarant.

I am flawless in my eyes
That is all that matters
No need to put on a disguise
With this attitude I will climb ladders.

Now it is clear
Differences give us a reason to rejoice
I am unique in the way I appear
I am whoever I wish to be and I have a voice.


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