Alice, at last.

I seem to have fallen down again,
Tumbled into a hole I can't climb out of.
I go to speak but everyone else is a world away.
I try to think of some other way to reach them
But it feels like I've bumped my head.
No words come out.
So I continue on about my day
This potion is making me move slowly
"Time is ticking," you say
Yet I can't seem to quicken my pace.
Everyone is so happy here,
I join the tea party
Hoping that my joy will be restored.
Laughter and dancing fill the room
I just can't seem to find it in me
To bring myself to participate.
It looks like fun,
And there is a hint,
A faint memory
Of what used to be.
A girl that enjoyed and readily did these sorts of things.

I roamed far like this
Searching for a way back
To the place I had come from,
Yet I found myself deep in a dark forest
Where the laughter of the mockingbird grew.
There was no hope in sight.
Then I looked up
And I found...
With a gentleness about You,
You spoke to me.
You led me and guided me,
But most of all You were the best companion I could have ever had.
You readied me for battle
And when the battle came
You were there.
As I moved swift and bold
With a courage none had seen
I remembered everything You said and it kept me alive.
With every moment I looked forward to simply being with You forever.
Though the dragon was big and fierce,
I saw past its tough facade.
With a double-edged sword raised high
I looked it in the eyes,
And told it to go.
Shocked it turned away
But it was too late...
It met its fate.
Then I turned to see You standing there,
With a look of contentment you stared.
"Alice, at last."
You had seen it all along,
What I was afraid was gone.
With You...
And only with You
I know that I can make it through.


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