Turn back the clock and head back to the very start.The very first page, when I still had no broken heart.When all was right in the world and I was still his little girl.When I was still naive and I still believed in me. Roads take us away, we pick where we want to go.Mine was chosen for me, God help me if I ever said no.My family loves me and I love them, they just having a funny way of showing it.That's what I used to believe but I am not naive. Something was wrong, I always knew.Family's not supposed to do that to you.Make you question how much you're worth.Do you know the price for avoiding hurt?Something is wrong, I know I have to doSomething before I ended up like them too.And so I'm taking my life back, Breaking away from the pack. And I'm happy. I swear I've never beenThis happy,Knowing this isn't my end.I cannot change everything right nowBut I'm working hard, one day I know I'll get out. All I'll be happy.I swear I will be happy. Greed is a natural flaw, we all want things we don't have.Some are still grateful, but my family knows that's not my dad.He gave much of his life up for us, I'll never deny he did more than enough.But he's never been the same, my god how he changed. They've said my mom broke his heart, turned him into what he is now.Alone with two baby girls, I don't know how he even figured it out. But looks like 21 years have taken it's toll, on poor him, and broken his soul.He's completely changed, I don't know if he can be saved. He needs help, his is not a problem you can seeIt's not drugs or liquor, it's the anger and the greed.Angry cause life has never gone his way,I can understand there's only so much one can take.He needs help, a fact he refuses to see.He takes his anger out on my sister and me.It's not physical, so no scars remain backBut it's still wring and now I'm taking my stand. To be happy,I swear I have never beenThis happyKnowing I don't have to end up like him.I cannot change everything right nowBut I'm working hard, one day I'll get outAnd I'll be happyI swear I will be happy.  This year was one for growth and one for truthFor finding my strength until I make it throughTo stop searching for a reason he's this wayAnd take responsibility to make a changeEmotional abuse may not be a crimeBut it's an injustice in this thing called lifeSome people are broken by this hateThen there's fighters and me who stand up and say I'm happyMy god, I know I deserve to beHappyThe way my life goes is up to meNo, he hasn't changed but I have nowStrong enough to take him until I get outAnd I'm happyMy god that makes me so happyI swear I've never been so happy.          

This poem is about: 
My family


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