Only With Strength Will Life Go On


United States
48° 3' 6.3828" N, 121° 37' 46.9452" W

Running down the field
Sun shining bright, sky bluer than the ocean, grass green and smooth
It all feels so natural
My gloves snug around my fingers with just the slightest amount of moisture against my palms
My body reacts, muscles tighten, eyes focused and narrowed
I'm up on my toes, I'm ready for anything
I see the ball
All I see is the ball
I mimic it's movements with my hands, they guide my body through the air
I feel the vibrations of my muscles slamming against the beautiful ground
Ball in hand and I hear the roaring cheers of those who count most
"And a beautiful save by Cassandra Hart"
. . .But something is wrong
The pain, it is a pain like no other
I feel it moving towards my heart
I can't see anything, can't hear anything, the only thing I know of is the pain
It is the pain of a thousand bricks
They lay upon my chest
I can't even breath
The pain clouds my mind
I care for nothing, I only want one thing
For the pain to be gone
But it will never be gone, it drags on and on
My body hurts, my heart hurts, my mind hurts
I want to walk, I want to run,... I want to hear the screams of a thousand adoring fans
But never again will I feel the sun beat down on me as I begin my beautiful dance
The dance, my dance, it's art is only known by those with the patience to master it
It is the dance of footwork, power, and sacrifice
The sacrifice of time, the sacrifice of energy, and the sacrifice of body
The sacrifice that ended it all
But I must cope, I must find the strength, I must bring myself back to life
One by one, with my own bleeding hands, I force the bricks to leave
The pressure eases and I delicately begin to breathe
The pain slowly, ever so slowly leaks away
I can see, I can hear, but I will always remember that pain that overcame me on that glorious day
I will always be able to see the scars that rest on my body
I will always remember the dreams that perished
I will always remember the game winning save that ended it all
But I will never forget I pulled my mind from the darkness
Because only with strength will life go on


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