The chain wings


My wings are controlled,
By the ones who have created me,
Am I not able to free myself,
From this cage of security,
Unable to fly,
As freely as I want too,
All I want to show,
Is how much I want to glow,
So much as too Shine in the midnight sky,
Amongst the 1000 of stars in the night,
Tears continue to shed from my wounded eyes,
If only you would see that no matter how badly you treat me I will always love thee,
I may want to much,
From the hands that has risen me up,
But I can only promise,
That it will not be for not,
As selfish as I am,
I am but a little bird,
Unable to fly on my own,
As they continue to push me forward in life,
'Tis not the path of nonchalance and idiocy,
For the path I chose will be as hectic as can be,
For I can only walk onward to the path that I dream.


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