I was that person who always hid in the background and let life pass me by,

And I never put myself out there because I was always too scared and shy.

It's funny how in the past couple of years my life has turned around, 

And I realized that it was only because I stopped being the one keeping myself down.

I always thought that I wasn't good enough, and that everyone knew it, 

And it didn't take long for me to start something and then to instantly quit. 

And I had no reason to, the people around me were supportive, but I was too wound up in my own head,

And I didn't put myself out there because the thought of people judging me is something that I dread. 

Within the past couple of months I have put myself out there in ways that even I can't comprehend,

And it has all been very rewarding and has paid off significantly in the end.

There is a confidence inside me that I recently found and never knew I even had, 

But it is something that I am proud of and makes me really glad.

I realized that putting yourself out there is one of the scariest things that you can do,

And it is always scary when you are allowing yourself to branch out and try something new.

It's funny how in your life we are always so scared to know what people might think,

But most of the time we are our own worst enemies, and we are the reason the our boat sinks.

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