Dear Rexie (A letter to my dog assuming it can read)

The bird in me
Recognizes the one inside you
Somewhere in a corner
...with tattered wings
...chained legs...

You have been made
Broken down into submission
Beaten beyond recognition

The fence that surrounds you
...mocks you...
Your ability to see the outside world
Stick your tongue out
And taste freedom
Has left you bitter inside
I understand.

I see myself in you
Sympathize with you
We live in different prisons
Mine bigger than yours
Bound by different leashes
But controlled by the same person.

And some days we strive to break free
Other days when the fight has left us
We redecorate our cages
Try to make them feel like home
Besides we might be here for a while
The least we can do is try to get comfortable

But remember...
The wind gave birth to us
Nurtured us
So they can never contain us

I can't believe I'm writing this
But you are not alone


*The hand that feeds you*


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