There you sit

all alone

drentched in this silence.

As you break

shatters across the floor

the fragments scatter

and slip through the cracks.

Never to be found.

Even if you tore the room apart,

But there you are

all alone

drentched in this silence

Now may I ask?

Where are those aspirations

that filled your veins

thicker than blood

yet lighter than air?

You let the world mold you into something you're not.

You sicken hollow thing.

Eyes of a dead man...

broken gasps.

Arise from the state they left you in!

Where is that voice that shook the heavens?

Where is that courage to make hell whimper?

The walls have never moved.

Shake off the demons

that poison your mind

hollow your heart

infect your lungs.

Awake to the beauty

flowing in the air...

but there you sit

in the dark

drentched in this silence

as the demons seal your lips

and claw down your throat

and there you sit.

Fragile to touch

as the world shapes you

losing yourself in the change of seasons.

Eyes of a dead man.




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