​I wake up and look in the mirror.
I see flaws.

I go to school and watch girls make fun of me,

They see my flaws.

My teachers are constantly correcting me

They tell me my flaws.

Everyday I see the list of my flaws grow and grow,

As I work to make the list shorter.

When I cross off one, five are added on.

My dyslexia 

My bad spelling 

My scard life

My adoption 

My not so good family 

My not so good smile

My not so good eyesight

My not so good opportunities 

My not so good parents

My not so good seconds

My not so good minutes

My not so good hours

My not so good days


My not so good months

My not so good years

I wake up everyday and see my flaws,

But those flaws are me.

My flaws motivate me to be a better me

A hard worker!

They make me flawless!

My Flaws,

My Life,

My Flawless Adventure!






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