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you are whom you are  when you start loving yourself you'll realize you don't need anyone's love quit calling yourself ugly quit body shaming yourself quit comparing yourself to other people
she flies and she floats buzzing around, completing everything everyone asks of her. she flies and she floats never asking any questions, or retaliating to their wishes. she flies and she floats
Life passes by, as if Im viewing a scene from a movie I see other pass by and I feel their pain Their grief and misery And I think to myself, "What is this agonizing pain?"
I am somebody I wonder what college will i attend I hear the sound of a profesor teaching at my future college I see my becoming an OB/GYN I want to be successful in life I am somebody  
I am somebody I wonder what college will i attend I hear the sound of a profesor teaching at my future college I see my becoming an OB/GYN I want to be successful in life I am somebody  
Sixteen years I've lived this life. Sixteen years, and I still hate the girl in the mirror. Adopted when no one else wanted me, when fear was all I knew.
The world is wide      And lovely, dear, And you are good,      And strong, and true, But I as yet      Am young, untested; Each thing to me      Is something new.
Definition   The Oxford dictionary has 171,476 words in current use Words created from the same 26 letters we learned in kindergarten
I am the green eyed girl Always watching, observing, and thinking I am always in quite a swirl  Sometimes you'll catch me winking At the sky I am the shy If you keep trying I might open up
  shifting Viels reveal a shroaded figure of which disfigures to reform agian tangibilty become true to shape thee  
I am a soul no longer lost; but, not yet found. I am a mind continuously working from sun up to sun down. I am a young woman who is finding her way through life's many obstacles.
SIRENS  are WAILING   the sirens are wailing they're coming for me not the cops but the medics
The morning is crisp and cool The bed is comfortable and cozy.  Sleep is where the dreams take place. School is where dreams become reality.  Working towards my future and creating a legacy. 
I've always had people guiding me but, they've never been me. Knowing myself has done something, it has set me free. I have seen the good sides of my personality, the mean, and confused sides too.
I am a teen. Who is not seen. But one day I will become a woman. For I know this because I have a passion. To excel what others have already propounded for my future.
In each of my hands I balance the choice of right and wrong In my heart I hold my dreams for my future In my mind I keep my thoughts With my eyes I see the good and evil in this world
I'm hurt. I'm hurt that my Dad left my family and I,  I'm hurt that he didn't get to finish teaching me the things he wanted me to know, I'm hurt that my parents argued that night,
I cried into her shoulder as the day was long and hard. She held me and told me it would be fine. She made me laugh when I didn't want to smile. She made me think through my thoughts. 
Are you searching for meaning friend? Are you coming to your bleeding end? Do your wrists speak your bleeding mind, telling you your purpose is hard to find?
Into the Wintry World I walk, And see the blood in shock. Lie there twice in the moon Never there thrice in the tune.   You were always there for me. Now you are gone with the fee.
I walk with no fear in my city fear is a feeling just not within me though sometimes I get weary, I weep in silence   I just want to be great girl, that's what I'll say  I need no lights, nothing sparkling
Weeping Willow, stop your crying, Look up, now the sun is shining. You leaves will turn brown, your sadness will spread. For dark, evil thoughts are stuck in your head. Desire to grow has disappeared
Happiness is yellow and hope is blue, sadness exudes purple, anger breathes red.Trust me, I know.                                                                   
My roots have been planted on grounds many say I do not belong too Because my blood is hot My blood in Latin But my dreams escape my race They are so big they cannot be tamed My hot blood fuels their engine
Do I really want to leave? My four year sentence is coming to an end Im finally being released   But will I live in the past remember this and that
  Little Kylie Jenner isn’t so little Her innocence has disappeared Looking to redeem her self Not realizing that her beauty is there   She’s egger to bloom But not ready to wait
My Hair has been Blue as the Sky Or Purple as a Lilac Red as the Maroon Sunset And Brown as the Dirt I am one of a Kind   I may be a Tom Boy I may be a Prep I may be Niether
I am young  I am brash I am crass I am strong and so often wrong   I am rowdy I am loud I am proud I am strange and a bit deranged   I am forgetful
Growing up with preachers as parents and bibles as bedtime stories it was hard not to fall in love with what I was surrounded by. "God so loved the world he gave his one and only son."
I didn’t know I was black until I was 8 years old.
6 Feet Up wear a golden, studded, shiny Crown. 6 feet down nothing but Muddy, Stinky, Rotten ground.
I am half-way between violent violets and a meadow colored green. Two-thirds unaware. Ten-eighths unprepared. And one-hundred percent going to cry.  As my life slips at the seams, it's revealing all the undiscovered parts of me.
I was disregarded and ignored, but now I AM REDEEMED. I was filthy and damaged, but now I AM RESTORED. I was afraid and hopeless, but now I AM REASSURED.    
I am hopelessly high drinking clouds through this cut up mouth of mine I let the cold slide down down my tangled spine and it turns my useless legs to golden lead
I was told I had a broken heart I found out just today It’s not the sappy love kind It’s the more the other way   I was told it was all cut up With clots here and there
Sorry A five letter word Used when necessary in situations Used when it is not even needed I am sorry for always saying sorry I’m sorry for thinking everything is my fault
I am not African.I am not Black.I am not Caucasian,Hispanic, Filipino, or Asian.I am not a Melting Pot,but I have surely been influenced by - I am not a NegroNor am I a Niggerand don't say "Nigga, please"or start any conversation with"What's up, m
Kundera permeates my mind. On this particular evening, where the night grows cold, strictly jacket weather but quiet, intense talks heat the air outside, I lost you, my only, my love.
I am more than the average black girl. Unusual. More than what politicians define. The best triple threat singing, dancing, actress the world will ever see. Lyrics in multiple different ways
I am a bird finally grown ready to fly ,but I am not like many others I am not like my mother my father, I am not like my friends who have already flown for I have bold wings
I am......simply me, the one that I want and choose to be. There's no one around that I see that sticks out more than, well, me! I am goofy, funny, weird and wild.
I Am, Enigmatic, a puzzle to even myself at times   A treasure trove of knowledge so complex and yet so sublime   Soulful with my words and through my actions I exude diversity   A genuine yet troubled unknown entity I Am,   In battle with my grea
Her 4`11 stature should intimidate you Her brown curly hair that can`t be tamed should be seen as beautiful The way she walks in a room should be respected Her that brown skinned girl is a QUEEN
I have been born, I have walked,I have talked, I have four brothers, I have smilied, I have achieved I have cried, I have been hurt, I have laughed   I have been skiing,I have been riding, I have been playing
I am an introvert. I enjoy listening to movie scores. I love Macaroni and Cheese. I am relaxed when doing chores. I am a film and musical theater lover. I am a Freshman in college. I have many dreams,
I am an introvert. I enjoy listening to movie scores. I love Macaroni and Cheese. I am relaxed when doing chores. I am a film and musical theater lover. I am a Freshman in college. I have many dreams,
There once was a student named Drew, Who wanted to go on a journey or two. Along with her would be her sister, Plus Ashton and Aaron, who was a quite fine mister.   Now Drew was quite mysterious.
I am Brittany, Who do you see? A slut, a boyfriend stealer, annoying wannabe, That's what mean girls see. Who do you see? A cool girl that's chill to hang with, That's what the guys see.
The one who should have the answers, The one who should know everything. That's the life of number one, That's my life. Pressure kills me faster and faster,
Who knew the boxes we were playing in as children would soon turn into social prisons. Stuck behind the cardboard bars of “weird-o” and “crazy” wasn’t as fun without Barbie dolls.
Walking down Bryn Mawr, it doesn’t even matter if it’s late at night, the cat calls echo off dents in vans,
She told me that  every poem I ever wrote was about the Sea  the sound of the waves, the sun on the sand;  there's no one for Me to be.    I am so afraid  of the monster on the shore 
Looking up, for that's where we're aiming, We never look back, our past is for framing. We march across campus, through the dry snow, Man I wish I had time to blow. If we keep our heads in the books all the time,
I am more than just me More than what you see I am a testament to faith I am the wind in the air, moving trees with eaze. I am the "whoo" from the owl on a winter's eve  all hear but none see.
I am defined by Media,  Facebook,  Instagram,  Tweeter,  The news.  Defined by videos and man made pictures.  I am defined by people who think they know of me, I am defined by terror, 
"Define yourself." Define. Yourself. As i try to grasp those words, I can't quite make them out. Everyone wants to know who you are or where you've been, You ask who I am. How would I define myself. 
When I was  in Elementary school all my class mates played with their toys such as dolls, stuffed animals, toy cars, etc. and everyone wore shirts with their favorite cartoon characters on them.
Myself and no one else I am A twig under multiple peoples feet I am not  The strong young lady my mother has raised me to be I am  What is nothing to most I am not 
Growing up conservative is growing up a slave Is growing up being told that my body is not my own That my hips, my thighs, my breasts, my body is not my own
I am the red handprint sprung across the child's face.The used up arm of the mother too high to realize where her children are.The smell of alcohol tainting her breath screaming the same words on repeat "Get the hell out "  I am the vision of hope
I suck at poetry, I have no ingenuity. I can not spare the time, To create any kind of rhyme. Yet I must try to find, A better way to use my mind.
In a complex sense,  life is an entangled novel of occurrences. Each day is a catalyst towards another undefinable aspect, and because I am still so young, I have only leafed through my pages up to the preface,
I let myself fall Not so I can stand up again, But so I can stay down Down and depressed I am my worst enemy I make myself believe terrible things
I am Cassie who hails from the mud of the Deep Black.From the land of lions/in the Dirty Deep SouthDaughter of the Queen/ princess to a man of battleI am a wielder of brains and emotions/ knowledge and compassion
I am the boxer the fighter who never tires heart-pounding, fist-pumping, eyes blazing   I am the gallant warrior
Who am I?   I do not know very often who I am. Somedays, I am sure. Most other days, I am cast in doubts.   Who am I?  
I am strong and beautiful. I wonder how different my life would be if I never believed those awful things I was told. I hear their sick words and sadistic laughs every time I start to gain back my confidence.
You look in the mirror and see yourself,
I Am One of the Last I am herbal remedies smoldering in a cast iron cauldron Late on an Autumn night Mulling spices and salted pumpkin seeds Strewn across a slate table 
I Am the girl who reads quietly in the corner but also the speed talker at your local auction   I Am  the girl who has been pushed too far but also the one who stood up for you in 7th grade
To you she's just a bodyShe's got a soul Seeing those curvesShe hates herself for every moment you stole You put your hands on herShe feels the need to hide away
Are you able to stand the pain? I thought you would surely crack.Are you able to start up again?I thought you would surely slack.Managing the exhaustion sure isn’t easy.Look around, some of us never finish. Open your eyes, perseverance is key.Now
I cannot be defined Only discovered And I am not done Discovering All that I am    I am still Discovering All the pieces of me All that I could be All that I am  
You asked me who I am But still I do not know Although much change Has summoned over me I still crave the need to grow My past may still casts shadows Attempting to silence my cry for relief 
Waiting on the snow to fall. Waiting on your pause. Still waiting on the snow to fall. Still waiting on response. White crystalized wonders gravitate. Gravitate to the ground.
Paper crumpled too many times. Smoothed out, but still left with scars. Screams like the howl of the wind, Tears like the pouring of the rain.
Once soft and malable I was hardened by heat  The pressures of the world I became unbreakable But jagged and rough I learned to cut Before being cut Ugly but stronger Than any other stone
I am a person. I am a person who has come so far. I have fought in a war that involved no weapons Only thoughts. I have battled against evils that only existed in my mind. And I know that I am not alone.
I am giselle i am trouble and  i am grace i am shy but full of taste i resemble music much like band not just any band but marching band i am the soldier of the century and i am math
Here’s what I deserveI deserve someone who will tell me I’m beautifulI deserve someone who constantly shows me how special I am compared to everyone else 
Open your books to page 137. One hundred and thirty seven. You see that? Second column, almost exactly half way down. handy. Adjective.
Me, I don't know what to call myselfI've heard plenty of ideasIndependent, crazy, smart, talkative   I am a seventeen year old girlI'm a girl with a history full of ups and downsI'm a girl with a family who's been pushed to the limitsI'm a girl wh
I am monochromatic   My world is not technicolor My world is dull and one dimensional I look for the brightness But the closest thing I get to brightness is tints of white   I am monochromatic
40% Parents 60% Peers, mentors, and media I was that shy kid who would listen Tucked in shirt and everything, Dawn and dusk I was a good kid
I am  Young with an ambition to learn Old with knowledge that churns  Tall with sturdy bones Dark with skin like coal  Trying to make myself known Desires to fill this empty hole 
I am made up of moments- magical, heartbreaking, terrifying, exhilarating moments.   I am the sand against the toes of all my friends during late night summer volleyball matches.  
If I could, I would Turn my seven-year-old self around And tell her to Fight: Fight him off.
You know better than to play in church. Don't run with scissors, you'll get hurt. Only light that match when I'm in the room with you.
I am who I am today because my mother reminds me. She never let’s me leave the house without saying 5 words behind me. “Don’t forget who You are” is all that she would say.
With just a glimpse you may see that I fit the standard of a "girly girl" Blonde hair, green eyes, makeup on my face That is merely what people see from a glance  
I am Caitlin. C-A-I-T-L-I-N. It’s the traditional Irish spelling. No one can spell my name. They throw in a K, a Y, and E’s galore. And it’s always the same and they never are sure and my name is not there.  
You See This Girl, This Girl I Am Today I Fought For Her Just When I Thought She Was       Drowing Slowly But Surely Fading    I Fought For Her Deep In The Shawdows
Junk food seems friendly; bubble tea makes me silly. Fat gains like crazy, and skinny sounds like an impossibility.   Sometimes, sometimes, I am apparently a success.
I want to write and have important things to say but my desire to reveal and my need to hide wage war in my mind with no successful victor thoughts fall empty
I am millions of miles away… Watching past seeing, Speaking past saying, Laughing past feeling, —While still standing here.  
The blond silky hair, the fair skin, miniskirts and caked-face makeup— Go play with it they say— a Barbie doll.   From the day my eyes opened, Standards were set. Expectations had to be met.
Unsure   The things I wanted were not truly me; Looks, attention, and popularity. I now see the beauty inside of me; Intelligence and creativity.  
I am water formless flexible soft and slow powerful potent on with the flow   
I am the girl who never seemed to be alone in the halls I am the stranger with the goofy smile that you remember in your freshman class
To be tenacious is both a negative and a positive.For as a tenacious person others often see stubbornPushy even down right rude!Those who look on wonder how I can do what I do?Achieve the heights that I soar?
I. That’s all that I am. I was never part of “we”. “We” never existed with me. No matter how much I wished and hope,
I am nervous and afraid. I am confident on the stage. I am beauty. I am grace. Only He can define me. I am hopeful when all is hopeless, I see past the dark. I am scarred and I am scared,
I am quick to help an elderly man or woman with any task that I can. I constantly am picking up trash that I find along the streets. I recycle as often as possible because I value our planet.
my mother's calloused grasp reached across the ocean to a world with sealed borders and blind eyes the land pseudo-tainted, she dug the soil and planted a sprout that was never meant to be
Masks are everywhere. They are made in simple actions A Lie, A Secret, A Change. They are not just paper that kids decorate and place on their face.   False fronts that you give to people,
I am: not poetry. I am a perfect example—quintessential Textbook sample Cookie-cutter Traditional Playing it safe Following the rules Forgetting to take risks Doing exactly what I am told
The shards of my heart, slowly shredding the skin that touched hers and caressed hers.   The countless letters,
Let me tell you a story, about Sisyphus the Greek Once cursed to Hades, where the black winged demons shriek Where the hellfire’s climb higher and the sanity wanes Where love vacates you heart and blood vacates your veins
Amazing Awesome Adonai Author of my life Author of Eternal Salvation And one with Jesus Christ   Creator and consuming fire Spirit of love and peace Who does not faint and does not tire
I am a survivor, I have been bullied, Calling myself a victim wouldn’t fit, Because the person who hurt me got hurt more in the end.   I am an artist,
I am the best thing I can possibly be I am me. In a world full of diversity I am happy with who I've come to be.
I know you so well But I can't help but question myself  I know who you are out of your shell I am trapped inside mine trying to yell I have no idea who I am  What I am is young  Who I am is a mystery to me But Not to anyone else
Home is more than a place of shelter. Comfort, warmth, freedom. I itch for a place, Quiet, peaceful, and serene.    Anyone can find a place to live,
Hi my name is Mikaela Woodard Mikaela means gift from God Felice means fortunate or happy But I am more than just a meaning of words Forget all the things you’ve heard
Some may think they are defined by their outer appearance, Some may think they are defined through their words and their lyrics, Some may think they are defined by societies vision, Some even think they are defined by the situation they're living
Living my own life.  I am wandering through fate Aloof from all strife. 
I am young I am free I am strong I am me. I am a survivor I am waiting I am a not a backeast dirver I am debating. I am a girl who followed simple rules
I am unsure of where to start. Although, I am sure that what I am about to say is true for me.
What is your ethnicity? I'm Hmong. Mongolia? No Hmong. Miao Tzu. Hill tribe of China.
I am the result of my parents love. the result of my parents divorce. the result of being self-concious in elementary school. the result of both my parents getting remarried.
Enjoyable. The lessons that I learned. The hard work ships are something that I affirmed.
Beauty Is in the eyes of the beholder But in a world in which a beholder does not exist, beauty can not but be held by the regale lifestyle that is of high demand in this thing called society.
They say that I am lost They say it is confusion  They say I need God 'Cause I'm living a delusion    They say one man, one woman  For that's what God intended  I'll burn in hell for this 
The Man of the House By Ivan X. Naranjo 11/6/15   I temporarily am residing at a small home in the center of town It has four stories and long stained glass windows all around
I am restlessI am exhaustedI am contentI want to so muchI feel blessedI feel cursedI'm eager to be an adultI don't want to grow upI want to fall in loveI am afraid to give my heart away
I'm as hallow as the emotions I drown myself in.
  The naive daughter of two people who could never decide if they loved each other. A broken marriage.  Calling the wrong faces “friends” and the wrong feelings “love”.
Pull me back to sea, Choking on chards of glass. Sometimes my reflection isn't who i want to be.
I am a black women I am a person that holds grudges and lets them out on the wrong people. I am someone that wishes to start their life all over because they choose  to let the wrong people in their life.
I am stronger than the words that make my heart bleed I am stronger than the people who tear me down just for the color of my skin I am stronger than the label placed upon my race
I am a bundle of contradictions A personality undefined Adjectives are unfitting Or rather Adjectives are very fitting. I am everything. A personality test with no results
I strive, I stride I set the pace, I run this race, Running, running. I drink the air, I find myself; I am dust. I am a child of God. I am bold. I am strong. I am savoring the run. Running, running.
I am shy and out going, I am a living contradiction. I am living like there is no tomorrow, but scared of growing. I am one in a million, but I feel like I have no true definition.
   She's an introvert to the public, but the personality sealed inside her is echoed to those she knows best.     She gains her knowledge from others faults, and is influential to the ones who live
I am a writer. Painting scenes in a reader’s mind Using a pen instead of a brush. The click clack of a keyboard Is stuck in my head
               I am not my past I am not my past                 Neither am I my mistakes. I am not the scars on my arms,             Or the mascara stains on my pillow.
Early in my childhood I was introduced to Theatre. Naturally a child would take to such a pursuit—this formal game of dress-up.
I am a daughter A sister A girlfriend A friend   I am not perfect I have flaws Though I hide them, They still exist.   Behind the smiles and laughs
I AM... I am...Unique I have courage I am special I try my best to cope in life Because I am brave  Giving up is my enemy 
I am finally me I can finally see What I was destined to be My eyes were covered in lies My reality was nothing more than a disguise
I am a Christian. I am a Daughter of a deceased father. I am a Sister of a recovering addict. I am the One who self harmed. I am the One from the Bible Belt Community with two moms.
I am    I am the wind. My silent rapture at the tops of trees goes unnoticed, but I continue to dance.   I am the sky. My endless potential  lingers,
I am a girl who refuses to believe that what I see is what I get A girl who is fiercely loyal to those she loves A girl who is not afraid of loving the scarred and broken Because she knows
Still empty air breathless and worn so out of place on this bright autumn morn.   As I pause to listen  to the birds lively chatter I can't help from dreaming 
I am two feet, two legs,one torso, one mind.I am eyes, nose, mouth, and toes,ears, arms, and loving handsall sewn together,somewhat haphazardly indeed. Too, I am wild hair,not bound to please the crowdwith looks and appeal(and not a worry or care
Davis #1277789   I am the evidence of my mother and father’s procreation On st valentine's day.
I'm a masterpiece of colors ripped at every edge.   Today I'm blue. But as people touch me, their colors mix with mine. Today I'm blue but he's red, and if he touches me I'll dissolve to lilac.
I was the kid who was stuck in the shadows Left and right, others went and did nothing with me, just step on me and ignoring my existence Comedy is not my forte
When you told me I was your pride,I knew that you were looking at yourself in the reflection of my eyes,So I did everything I could to stand directly in front of you,
I’m going to listen to that Hawaiian music, Because that is who I am, The music is living in this island man. Before the sun comes up and the chickens start to scratch,
I am Anderson the kid who sees hope the guy who acts different makes other laugh and smile who you think is happy all time What you see is the outside thats ok I'm ok with that I am Anderson
They listened to me as I hit notes that I couldn’t reach the last time I performed I shut my eyes so tight my mascara formed a black rainbow under my eyes
  Someday when all my pages Have finally come to end, One word to last the ages On my cover will attend.  
Not My Past   I am not anger I am not forgiving But I am not my past.   I am not hurt I am not resolved
I am a modern-day warrior, That defends our world from evil. I will never give in, For I am a conquerer of the devil. I am a leaf, Passing by in the autumn breeze. Yet I am a tree,
My childhood Sunday afternoons, Were worst spent, in wooden church pews. Never seeming to find myself attracted Thus, leaving my thoughts alone and distracted. I was an addict for attention,
It’s easy to define who I am By what I am not.   I’m not thin. I’m not perfect. I’m not strong. I’m not helpless. I’m not lost. I’m not found. There’s a path,
I am alone I am scared I am calling home and waiting for the weekend I am trying strange things I am meeting new people I am joining clubs I am breaking my shell I am enjoying new things
I am a survivor. Maybe not a typical survivor, but a survivor. My life since then has changed for the better. My assault has made me, well, me. I grew up in the typical, American home.
I am protective and nurturing. I wonder what my future holds. I hear kids whisper woes. I see children crying. I want to help people. I am protective and nurturing.
What am I? I am a Ruin, Crumbled by yesterday's wear, Fortified by tomorrow's prospect, I am more than the rubble, I am a shelter, I house those who enter with solidity and warmth,
In Heaven, everything would be perfect, Deadly edges of neglect at my loved ones' necks would be dulled and I'd be free to pursue my passion of rendering their faces on a canvas,
Inventive   What is a Lego block? Is it something to step on? Is it just a product? What is a lego block?   What is a piece of paper? Is it something to be graded?
The world is a circus            and houses attractions, attendees. Amid it all, I am merely a house of mirrors.            yet I draw interest with ease
A few months ago I had been contemplating the meaning of everything that led me to the darkness and pain engulfing  my soul and being.  Why wouldn't it get better, isn't that how it was supposed to work?
I am perseverant.  They tell me I can't, I say I can and will. No challenge or obstacle is too great.  Even through the toughest trials, I will prevail and push through until I am succesful.
I am made of passion and dreams and butterfly kisses. My heart has been put together with pursued dreams. Unfulfilled plans. And everything in between. There is a Pacific Northwest sunrise in my soul.
Growing up I knew I was smart. I would read every doctors book from the end to the start. But as I got older, those ways part. I always thought that health care was my heart.
I am José… with an é 
I Am… Marlboro Light I’ve always hated the way her blood red lips stained the pure white jacket of a Marlboro Light. I always feared the day her lips would stain them one last time,
I am self motivated and determined I wonder about people's true intentions towards me I hear bells ringing and bird's chirping I see the sun after a rainy day
We sat. That was all. Our backs against the wall, the night around us. Behind us were the careless, in front the carefree.  
by the protest of the now backwards   an answer could not come after the question. Nothing   to be recognized,
I found an old picture yesterday. It was of me and my dad, taken from behind as we sat on a rock, like the kings of the mountain.   I think I was eight then,
Every individual from the moment I was born was my teacher and asked me for the answer. There was no question, but surely, there is an answer.  (Somewhere...)  
As we rise,                   so shall we fall-                   those who go down to the sea                             in ships that never return. What is the physicality of their fear? does it linger
All the words that people use,  and don't know what they mean.  The definition is left hidden, caused more damage than I've ever seen.   These sticks and stones are nothing, and I can hardly take
I started the same as everyone else: small- innocent - carefree. I was the youngest of three, yet that was not who they wanted me to be…   Cursed words paraded my developing mind:
Silence I don't want to hear your comments I already know what you're thinking Shame shame shame Poor little girl She does not know this world is made of razor blades on a playground
Inside my mind, the thoughts curl up on their cushy teal couch. They converse and sip their tea.
I am loyal. My love for her knows no bounds. We speak every day, all day since the day we met. I look to her only for she is all I need. She is my best friend and the love of my life. I am loyal to her.
I am not one or even ten things I am not the flesh that stands before you Or the span of my wings I am no answer to the question “who”  
Looking into the eyes of little me I see the spark of life. Experimenting with paper and marks, in perfect solidarity. in chorus they would chant, "She's a tiny Monet, A real prodigy that one is."
   They tell me I'm not good enough. That I am not worthy of success. They say I will never be able to do it, and put my dreams to rest.
Enjoyable. The lessons that I learned. The hard work ships are something that I affirmed. The unbearable pain makes me get what I deserve.
Mine is one fairly easy to explain. My frustrations and pain have both morphed into a rage.   Rage At the boy who called me fat in fourth grade,
  I am the undefined creature Nobody truly knows A stranger in the shadows A mysterious soul So many long to know me They try to understand I only let a few in
I speak alot But you can not hear I speak in my head For I am but a seer   I'm not filled with dread I'm just a bit diffrent Although I'd much prefer To stay snug in my bed
You wish to enlighten yourself of me? Well, I have not an imposing figure, But a mind with knowledge vast as the sea, In which my intellect and passion stir.
I do not know who I am. But I can tell you whom I am not and just maybe you will see who I am. I am not light, but I am bright. I am not a fast runner, but I've gotten far. I am not the best,
I am not    tall not jack and the giant growth spurt, been small bean tiny roots my whole life. I am
Who am I? I am a girl, small but loud. I am bits of my parents, In every part of me I am my mother’s loud voice And I am by father’s forehead and awful laugh
Everyone wants to be Humble, Unique, Intelligent I Don't Basic tendencies don't reside here. I refuse to be mediocre. I define myself, not words or people.
you’d be disappointed to learn that if you traced the veins on my wrist, they wouldn’t lead you to flowers.   but it’s alright. it would take you
I am from the tents          the ones we made from          warm blankets and          wooden chairs I am from the salt          the handfuls I’d eat,          daring myself, blaming
I shouldn't quit Now I know I am selfless But that doesn't matter I question my self-worth I was never good enough Never in a million years would I have thought I am a bigger person
I am a child of the state All my life I had to wait Eight months and fifteen days of tranquility BAM and everything ends strategically
I am... Me I am more than I could ever believe I am more than anyone could ever want to be I am... unique Not because of this mane  Not because of this speech Not because of this attitude
There will be no proper introduction to who I am. Because I won't be telling my name. Because my name isn't important. It's not important because it does not define me. A name is a name.
Riahnna. A word Only a unique few Seem to know. They use it Often. Others, The Common Crowd, Wonder "What is This so Very Important Word?" The Crowd,
Revered sounds of silence mark the sky and its stars, Which as a child, I would wish, upon those stars so far away. I’d close my eyes and mutter imprints of breath through my looking glass,
I am almost gone... these figures come and they go just as the heat and the cold. One seems to come more than the other. I am homeless... the heat comes more than the cold these days.
As the sun trickles up past the horizon, memories of my revival bleed into me and I recall my purpose; being my better self.
I do not know where to start, I am not talking about this poem, but where to start with my life. Has it already started? Will this piece of paper change my life?  
i'm scared of silence within sience you hear everything within the silence you hear thoughts your thoughts others thoughts   i'm scared of those thoughts the ideas they bring
I am clay to be molded by other people's fingers. I am a sponge to soak up the personalities of my friends. I am a man to wear many masks. I am a volcano to erupt at the slightest push against my back.
this is how i define who i am I do not define myself as any one thing. So much of what I do, what I say, how I act defines who I am. To pick one thing alone would be impossible.
The One and Only   Every night, I lie awake in my bed, I can’t sleep, a flurry of thoughts plaguing my mind, Sometimes I smile as I recount the hours I spent, Sometimes I weep in shame of my actions,
If one were to look up my name in the dictionary there would be no definition under it. Instead, all that one would find is numbers. “What are these numbers”, one may ask.
I am a seventeen year old girl who is as happy as can be, yet so lost and sprinting back down the well worn mountain path.
I am the man, you call your son. I am the one you call your own. However, I am caged at home.   You do not let me free. In chains, I try to flee. You do not understand the damage you are doing to me.
  People may look at me and think I'm a bean My parents may have crossed the border, but who's to put a label on me Just give me a chance to show what I really mean
I am an idealist Always dreaming Always searching For something better For something real Often too disconsolate to continue And too fearful to perish Waking up has become harder
I am not what many people see I mask my fears and anxieties I shield myself from the world Yet I still long for my opinion to be heard
                                                          I am a rolling ocean wave I wonder when I will sit still I hear non-stop noise I see people try not to drown in my depths
Cheap dollar store diamonds And soap washed hands While my gold chains lie in the bathroom window sill A songstress when the birds are chirping 
The wind whispers a lullaby, a sweet soft melody, one of happy days gone by, A chorus of ancient fidelity. The ageless voices sing to me, their gentle soothing song.
As of the question of who I am, Be quick to tell you will this slam. Clouded my mind is of hopes and dreams, Don't test me now with childish schemes. English teacher I plan to be, Film guru too you will see.
My mom began to talk, from the moment I became "me;" About the extraordinary life we'd lead, as a loving family. Just my being there was enough, like all babies I was gifted;
Too frequently do I wish someone would attain the amount of pluck necessary  in order to solicit a dagger toward my chest,
Tick-Tick of the Midnight clock   Tick-Tock goes the Midnight clock once again in this repetive spot "Who am I meant to be?" "Where I am I suppoused to go?"
Defining yourself should be simple.   For example,   I’m 17. Five foot two. American. Brown eyes and hair too.   I’m smart, All As and one B.
I ama former wife I ama want-to-be mother I aman abuse survivor I amaballofanxiety I amdepressedhappystressed
I look up to the skies And I’m forced to realize That all I’ve been told are lies ,Oh how time flies   Not all does go to heaven
I am from my own expectations. I am from dedication and hard work. I am from hours of work in the gym. I am from the early mornings and the late nights.
Loving you? There is no doubt. That when the moon and stars collide, the galaxies’ are bathed in light. Or when oceans thrash and rage about, there is no single drop of doubt.
I am a leaf.  Ever changing against the evergreens. The cycles of life begin and end with me.  Signs of change are only seen by my fall; But more importantly, My rise Once again 
I opened my eyes My story started Between the ashes of war My future was uncharted   There was gold under my country's soil All others raced to take my oil  
  Everything that makes me. Everything that people see. Everything that people don’t . Is what makes me the person I am People can spit
I am a Poet. I create because it's who I am and who I am is what I'll create. What my hands lack in craft I make up for with my mouth as I spin large skeins of words and knit together  a poem.
I am... the shoes that I walk in day by day where they have been  my mind has once been the prey finding myself was where to begin my own soul indeed I had betrayed
I am not at all trendy In fact I’ve fracked more than my fair share of high pressure anxiety attacks   Fashioning a frantic fever
Its always this constant search To find the who, where, and whys For this life that is all so short   Its always a constant search  to find that inner thing  that make you you  
Orange on the apple tree” I'm trying to be who I was set out to be But- I don't think that's who I want to be Because honestly, who I want to be
Who is this body? Why is this body? What can this body be? Is it weak? Infantile? Is this body even me?   I am not my own.  I live - for everybody else. I love - for everybody else.
I was strugglingI was TiredOf everythingI was thinkingAnd hopingAnd then I was changingI was growingI was thinkingAnd thinkingAnd thinkingAnd thinkingAnd now
I am Not Ready for the next obstacle in life I am Black  I am Japanese I am a Minority  I am Underestimated  I am look Down upon I am Worried about college  I am Anxious about money for college 
I’m addicted to a person Who’s addicted to a drug That played a mean trick and no longer makes him numb. “I’ll be right back,” he says. I look at him and nod
I Am Julliana I care for others each and everyday A care that will never go away Each night I sleep I think of what is to be And thank my friends that are very dear to me
I am beguiling You wouldn’t know it if you saw me Cowboy boots and dirty jeans Marlboro Reds and Copenhagen A glare that stares to the soul A tongue that spits fiery words A heart that seems cold But I’ll give you a smile And you don’t know what t
Do something that is outside of your comfort zone. An experience that may change your life. Risks, they Require courage, but can be so Rewarding.  If you don't try you'll never know.
I am blue. On days bitter like lemon rinds with less to offer than a cloudless sky over parched land. I am white. Like a blank slate untouched and incredibly empty.
     I got familly thats family but not real blood,  and I got enimies closer to my family then my real blood.   We don't speak, money got they mouth taped shut, soul sold to mud.
I am a bird taking flight. The breath of wind off the feathers frightens the creatures below But somehow they stand tethered to my iridescent glow.   I can not see those below me
This is me Only some will call me strange In a life only with doubt It takes so much of me to call out Going through what felt as agony Taught me patience and passion Handing me positive spirituality
The wall stands tall.   I prepare myself for the climb; strapping into the harness,
The wall stands tall.   I prepare myself for the climb; strapping into the harness,
I'm a strong woman Success is mandatory Ready to conquer all      
Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was coming home from a rough day in the third grade Here I am now and I think I like who I see in myself In my years I have overcome. 
My heart and mind are at war Shall I say it? Shall I be true? Reason governs my every thought Think it through, Think it through  
Seedlings of delight stem in the growing branches of his curiosity. His eyes carefully trace the edges of the world, Stenciling out the beaming rays of sunshine
I am Asian but I can’t do kung fu. I am Asian but I can’t do that accent everyone wants me to say. I am Asian but I don’t know Chinese. Or Japanese. Or Korean. Or any Asian language. Sorry. 
As you sit and count the stars, you wonder where life will take you. With each twinkle and glisten you catch a glimpse of the many possibilities that the future may hold.
I am confused. I am struggling. I am trying to not go insaine.    What will you be? What if your not good enough?
woe, is me so here's some poetry 'cause college won't be free  and i got no money so here's an attempt to get 1k  to fund an escape from loans and fees
I look around the world and see the people passing by Absorbed in my own thoughts, I never wonder why They're here Or where they've been Or how they feel today.   But then I think, and care too much
A mystery.   To you and to me.   And even if I’m supposed to know me,  
Congratulations it's a baby girl! It starts from their day one on earth. The 1st true colors you see is pink. Pink walls, pink cloths, pink crib, for god sakes even your dippers are all pink.
I am made up of fractions. Dangerous foundations that. whenever shaken, Rocks me to my very core. There are, of course, the good parts:
The storm comes late at night It creeps into my sheets and watches me sleep But i wont let it hurt me or wash me away I am strong and it wont get its way It rained for two years My Body, My Temple, My Shrine
Life has purpose We may not know it  But as Humans we try to figure it out I mean How hard can it be? Right Well let me tell you something You know those friends that you cherish
One word to describe me? How can I choose? There is not one word To describe who I am. Why must the world be so limiting? Why must I choose? Why be held back By a single label?
I am reckless, I am uncautious I am limitless, no where near flawless I am just one of them. Just one of those no-good kids Who hang in alleyways in their beat up kicks I am a generation of self-destruction
Slammed doors, carpet floors Never enough clothes hanging from the closet Aalways on tippy toes, unsure where to go September 2014, made a mess out of me Scrambling from home to hotel to Mitshibitsi 
I used to be the silent type The wallflower on the sidelines I used to be the timid kitten And the boring, average tabby The type that lies around Dreaming the day away I used to run away from fear
I am ... Not just another flower in the garden, More like the pretty daisy in the mist of  a field full of dandielions thats DETERMINED to blossom beautifully, Not just another wave in the ocean,
Girl(n): a young or relatively young woman I am young, comparatively My eyes are not yet wrinkled at the edges My bones are not yet weary
I am a child… I am a child from a father’s belt and a mother’s discipline. I am a child still receiving parents’ benevolent love.
I am from cigarette butts and police lights I am from outcasts and rebels I am from lonely days and Tom and Jerry on Saturday mornings (when that was actually a thing) I am from privelaged and underestimated 
I am someone who has been through a lot Someone who has experienced a loss Someone who has overcome great challenges  Someone who has struggled with depression  Someone who had to be independent
Walked down the stairs with two left feet opened up the door that spelled "kindergarten" Couldn't read but, I guessed and took my seat Oh, I just wanted to be in my bed So, I closed my eyes and hoped to be home
I am more than just a student. I am a learner sn overachiever a thinker a human. I have goals and no competition other than myself because I am an idividual
As a child the sun shines bright As you grow you see the light As a child I had no worries As I grew my dream changed and I saw flurries As a child I held my moms hand As I grow up I can be
Through the course of reality, We develop individuality. Shaped by circumstance old and new, We are asked, “Who are you?” Who are you and who am I? Changing in the blink of an eye,
I am a daughter a sister a friend I am someone who never says I can I bow down to the crowd afraid of what they'll say I find it hard to
Walking to class in my flannel Rocking that 5 – panel I stay as strong as enamel Some act like animals And I mull their misconceptions Of judging others’ perceptions and perfect imperfections
My mother told me to be myself  and I tried to until the halo above my head got caught around my neck; I’ve been told that good things come in threes  which is how many dozens of times she forced me to go to church 
I suffer from depression, I feel like a failed creation, Blades once at my wrist, Bleeding down into my fist, My father forsaken me, I never understood how this could be, But I feel like I’m broken,
I am Keristen  I am one of a kind I am going to finish highschool I am going to Harvard I am going to be a lawyer I am going to be on the top I am going to strtive
I am Chosen. Chosen by one Who loves me more than man Who gave his life for me, So that I may live.
   Lets say theres a little girl she use to be the shyest girl who wondered about the world, .and explore the meaning of this so called life!
My hands are as black as the shadows of the trees at night, yet the blood that runs through my veins is the same as my friend’s who is white. I chew the words of advocacy for my race like a spoiled dinner-
To define me with a single word is impossible. I am a collection of words strung together.   I am loud to make up for my small stature.
I am not what happened I am not his mistake I am not he who took me who came in and burned all the bridges that my young self had ever come to know Who would have ever thought?
I am not to be judged based off of the amount of melanin that my skin possesses or lacks I am strong, I am fierce I am not to be isolated based off of the amount of knowledge that my brain holds captive
I am 16 years strong and out to conquer the world. I am the child of dreams and high expectations, the sister of excellence and the grandchild of elegance. I am the descendent of struggle but the successor of oppression. I refuse to fail.
As a kid when asked What I wanted to be I always said a witch. I still look back on my little self And Laugh. It's still true, Of course. I Love magic
I am... Beautiful    because I have acted ugly Strong    because I have overcome weakness I am... Curious    of all the unknown in the future Thankful
I am a surfer. I am the wave undulating beneath my board. I am a fish swimming with no boundaries. I am a shark, sleek and quiet. I am the sun, bright and comforting.
I am from magnificent bowls of peas, from Wedgewood and Bently. I am from the bungalow that sat silently under the sun, charming and quaint (It looked like an enormous pillbox).
I am an asker of questions who is curious about the world around him. I am a believer of right and wrong, whose eyes have seen both pain and healing. Whose ears have heard both curses and uplifting words.
My teen years have been like riding the worldest tallest roller coaster Kingda Ka Terrifying and exhilerating Scary and a RUSH Mom was diagnosed with Leukemia watched her fight, vomit, go bald and stroke
Atoms. Swirling together in cluttered cosmos. My bones are made of milk past its prime. My blood is made of cheap strawberry wine.   A bragging pulse. I am still alive. Only to verify
I never thought, that I would reach this point, that I would be able to speak clearly in front of hundreds, or that I would have such a loving network of friends and family. I never thought,
Paper By: Jacob Green I am like paper as life is like an amateur expressionist free handed painter If I am like paper I may not write but I sure can read
To express myself into words cannot fulfill the true definition of me                                         But possibly the feeling I portray could reveal my heart                                                             Poetry inspires me t
When I was younger I thought adults were made of armor. Skin so tough no one could harm them. They knew everything, they couldn’t be stopped. My eyes beamed at the sight.
I am... The thought ponders in my head, Am I defined by what people think of me or what I believe to be? How am I unique? I guess the answer lies in me   I try to perfect my physique
I am determined to accomplished my goals Yet fearful of the future I am strong at times Yet weak when needed be I am superior when tested Yet humble during failure I am confident to others
I am someone who loves the idea of love Some may call me a hopeless romantic While others may be shocked that with my bruised heart I still have hope Although they dont understand thats why I love that feeling
Ridin' down the highway I feel the beat of the music Surfin' through the stations The radio waves crash against me As the World's Swept away I'm an Artist with a passion
I guess you can say I am someone. Someone who's out to make it. Someone who's ready for the world. I am Someone. Someone who's determine. Someone who's noticable. I am Someone.
I am  very full, very stuffed. Because for me, enough is never enough.   If time were a pie, mine is near consumed.
I am different. Little are with it, many are against it. I say odd things, I do odd things, I reveal such things that people pray for me to change. I have a different style that is forbidden from society.
Today I was asked what defines me. What defines me? I want to say it’s something philosophical and rich with meaning. I want to say it’s something that sets me apart from everyone else.
Life is not about who you want to be one day Life is about who you are today Life is confusing and complicated
this you feel is unrequited love she has your heart and dances with it letting it hit anything passing by scraped by the underbrush and stepped on by her new partner
I am a young girl Who is divided from the rest of the world My head is in such a swirl and life is so whirled Anxiety eats me alive As I seize to breathe But it's what makes me strive
The ground is shaking. My home starts to collapse. Intense fire fills the vicinity. The magma is too hot.
I am extraordinary My life has been full of twists and turns But I am neither an icon nor exemplary  Something may go and then it returns I wasn't raised in poorness But neither was I made from wealth
I realized that I have Something to Say But Nothing to Say I have something to say in a Moment, that's deep and describes me in a Moment But when I have the Pen and Paper to Say
I am a gay guy, but I never asked for everyone's negative remarks.   I never asked to be that guy ...  That guy who had to explain himself everytime someone made a homophobic remark.
I am from the sweet grape leaves Growing in the backyard. I am from the view of a tall oak tree Sitting in the park.
I am imperfect As is every other soul. I make mistakes, I sometimes cry, I don't reach every goal.   I am imperfect As is every other girl. I think too much, I talk too loud,
It was a sunny day, when she told me the ugly truth,  she said she was done, she didn't love me no more,  and if I'm being honest I never did.   She told me it was raining, I didn't believe her,
I stroll down the sidewalk of my school, I hear murmurs and whispers of my name, "Why is her hair like that?" "Why is she so dark?".  Answer this: why are you hatin' on me, when I'm just trying to flex my complexion?
I am the fat kid. The frizzy haired, Loud mouthed Fat kid. I am the one People pretend not To notice.
As a young girl, dayreams were dreams naive and innocent by all means As years passed those dreams crashed As I grew and tides turned a new realization had been formed As I progressed I lost control
It stands alone, Colorless in the sun. Even the grass Beneth  Isn't Green.   As the Flower Lonely waits, For some color To come along.   The insects buzz,
Everyone says that college is all about drinking. That college  is all about sex.  They say college  is the time to party, 
I am not unique, but different I would say I am not too loud, because sometimes I feel like I am the kid at the back of room... I am Confident when I do look in the mirror, that's just because of my looks.
I am. I don't really know, what the term is, I am. A misinterpretation of a kid who writes slam. What is that? It's wack. Ridiculousness. Heard he was a jock who had trouble fittin' in.
I am me. Past, present, future is me. Shaped, pushed, pressured. I may not be who I thought I would be at this point in my life, but I am getting there. Each day,
I remember the softness of her voiceThe way her arms hugged me tightly giving me warmthThe small smile she gave me as she said the beginning words of the songI could've have told you that at that time I was the happiest
More than what you see when I walk by Not just a pretty face with brown eyes Well put together yes indeed Yet struggling to provide for a family of 6 who is ineed
Does a fallen tree make sound? Not if there’s no one around to hear it.   I’ve been dropped repeatedly 
I am laughter and sorrow I am scars and tears I am fire and rage   I am afraid I am gentle
I am a Realist, But also an Idealist, Because when the world is at its worst, That is when I am at my best.   One son, Was done, By two parents Of two colors  
Confused and Scared  Feeling alone like no one is home I am hurt because I thought you cared I call hope hoping you'll pick up the phone  but you never do  I will get past you
Today I am better than the person I was yesterday, stronger than my imperfections a week ago,  less than the person I will be tomorrow, and wiser than the person I was when you began to read this poem.
Poem     I am…. a girl who struggled to maintain happiness a girl who never thought she’ll make it this far a girl who lost all of her faith  losing faith is a world filled with darkness
I Am..A young African boy at the age of 6..Growing up in a society where I thought everything was good and true..Young and naïve I believed that you could do whatever you set your mind to..Is it true? Is it true?
I am different and older. I am no longer distant. I am the same, yet I change. I am ... somebody. I am still young, and a quick learner. I am no longer damaged. I am scared but not stopped.
I am timid. I am observat. I wonder how the world views me I hear voices of others opinions dictated in my mind I see friends' souls, refulgent with positivity and hope
I have been told a lot of things over the years, I’ve been described in many ways, and I have described others faultlessly when asked and yet
I am unfinished constantly  changing consistanly rearanging                    relocating                    morfing                    searching looking with an open eye looking for greatness
I am more. I am more than what I do, I am more than the way I feel. I am more than the lack of ability I have to get out of bed. I am more than the effort I haven't put in for my life.
A lover without a beloved, a mother without children, a worrier without a reason, in a rush without a hurry. I am just starting, but it feels like I'm already over.  
  I am who I’m meant to be. I am I am I am Who am I really That is the question Not the thing causing your indigestion That’s your drunken heart I am not you
I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be successful. I wanted to be loved. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be inspiring. I wanted to be innocent. I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to be heard.
I'm always there, even if you dont notice. I'm not always visable, but you can always feel me.
I am: A victim of circumstance. I am: A foster child, Poverty, A witness of alcoholism I am: The result of hardwork and dedication
I am The Percy Jackson series I am The writer with a dream I am The one who stays up late I am The one who gets up early but only when I'm camping I am A Doctor Who lover
By George Trudeau   Might I incline to messages of a mortifying nature, Taking hold of a perditious soul, Damning me to walk alone, Walking past words of love, That say "I am love and loved"?  
Forget my nameYou don't need to knowFeel my powerI am unstoppableLook me in the eyesI will not shakeMy soul will pierce your judgement of meI cannot fallI will not crawlOn this rough roadI strideThrough the thorny pathI may bleedbut I do not dieWi
I used to sit up high perched on daddy’s shoulders watching the world go by, I wonder will I grow up to be as tall and strong as daddy?
I was shy, unknown, and scared. People weren’t my thing and public speaking was a nightmare. Spending time alone was my favorite pass time. Then I left the country for a year. A youth exchange program.
I am what everyone sees and more I am the female they put together But a man wishing they could see That I cannot possibly be the me they want me to be. That I am striving for myself to be free;
Castle Kayla R. Woodhouse   Frozen walls and cold, brisk air Sixty-two degrees and a thin comforter;
Don't deny it. You aren't who you once were, life has progressed, life has gotten harder, and the world isn't the happy fun place it used to be.
I am Kaylin Daughter of Dora Who needs nothing more then the love and support from her family Who loves the idea of making a difference in the life of others Who sees success and opportunities everywhere
I am a poem on this page, and what I tell you is all you'll ever know.  I am laughter in cheetah print Crocs,  marching bravely beyond the expectations of my creation. I am all song in my soul,
I am, A caressing hand on doors, Opened for aged beings. The ears that listen to burdens, By empathy not judgement. A maker of my own beginnings, Baring all responsibilities with depth.
Deformed By: Casey R They see a perfect girl, but she's far from it. They see her pretty face, but it's covered by makeup. They see her laughing and smiling, but it's to hide the pain.
I am strong and smart I wonder if I will like college I hear myself speak I see myself succeed I want to surpass my goals  I am smart and strong   I pretend I am legend 
Memories   As I flip through all the scrapbooks of mine,
How did you become, rather what am I becoming? I am not definitive, I am not consistent, learning and growing incessantly in nature. For the misconception stands with finding yourself,
How did you become, rather what am I becoming? I am not definitive, I am not consistent, learning and growing incessantly in nature. For the misconception stands with finding yourself,
I Am... a mother first. I make sure i have enough hours in the day to watch my daugther grow. Everyday i wake up i wonder if today will be another day as it was before.
Left. Right. Left. Right.  Left. Right. Left. Right. Footsteps keeping time with my pounding heart. Legs are burning and my chest is heaving. Left. Right. Left. Right.  Left. Right. Left. Right.
I am... not what you think I am. My facade is placid, but there's a whirlwind of thoughts spinning in my head. I have opinions, just like everyone else.   In fact, I think the world is cruel.
Resilient, but never prepared Prepared, but never ready Ready, but never anxious Anxious, but never scared Scared, but never timid Timid, but never frightened Frightened, but never oblivious
Where will I stand  amongst these putrid white rinds? Carriages of the mind that spew hot dust,  stuff of dreams. Laid down for eternity  'cross slab stone lines. Off in hiatus worlds away
The person I am is not the person I want to be, the person I want to be has, he, the person I was yesterday is not the person I am today, the person I am today is just a stray,
There's an Elephant in the room It's hard to move around, it's hard to leave alone. I try to move past it, but I cant It will always be there, taunting me, telling me, I'm not good enough.   
I am mysertious. A girl with multiple tales to tell, and nobody to listen to them. Someone who created walls from the evil outside. To promise, to protect, to cherish,
Kakoo-Native American, Comanche word for Grandmother. Khone-Native American, Kiowa word for Grandfather.   The Family Drums Made Her Stand.   The unforgiven body works with time,
Pull back the curtains Shine the flashlight Dare to step outward And into the light Peer through the hiding Walk past the trees Squint your eyes just a little And then, you might see me
  Life is an ordeal, We're told what to do, what to say, what to feel, Every day we have a choice, To stay silent or raise our voice, To stay in bed or face the world.
As I grow I realize that who I once was is gone She is lost in the wind, destined to be found yet again, But not by me. No, for I am not that girl any longer. I look at my past self and wonder
I am....shy I am....bright, like a nebula of stars I am...a fantastic daughter, most of the time I am... an anime fan for life I am... a good student who tries her hardest
I am modern art. People love to tell me what I am, What I stand for, And what I can never be. Like they have a clue Like they have the right to rape me with their Wikipedia-based art degrees.
If you would take a look at who I am now… You’d be shocked at the past that trailed behind me….. I was a person who cried at every harmful thing thrown at me, But laughed at it in front of others,
A school kid without any breakfast, Lended, In a trailer park without front steps, Rented, Mama told me that I better help paint it, Faded, After two years blue was a grayish, Pavement.  
This generation wants ot be grown but not grown up. Goin 'round stuntin, but won't bother to clean their mess up. Lie to their loved ones, but with friends always seem to fess up. Living in a material world
I am the voice of the wind from the ether space Princess of Akash, daughter of the Black Race. I am also the tree outside your window freedomless, it seems, trapped in the winter snow; unmoveable I be
Have you ever been with someone,  who never truly cares for you To give all this affection,  and they're never really there for you You were a drug, I was constatnly high on you An addiction so deadly,
I am the one who remembers the pain, The one who still hurts when i hear your name, I am the one who remembers our past, I am the one who wishes was your last, I am the one who still wants you.. 
I look at the mirror, if you ask me what I’m like, I’ll tell you: “I cannot be defined by my looks, nor by my mind, I am just me”  
I am not her Don’t compare me to the “oh so great things” she has done Don’t tell me to walk, talk,and act like her
I am me. I will set out to see what all I can be. I will not allow one to change my direction, I will allow one to continue pushing me forward. I believe in becoming my dream
 Stereotypes reign upon every aspect of our spherical home we call a world, and as a young colored Hispanic woman, I’ve met my fair share of them growing up.
No wall to strong no choice so wrong.  A past hidden by a wall. A future blurred by a fall. Present in focus, Just one kiss. Watch out! or lights out. Blue eys light up my world,
Born in the usual way. Growing up, little child blonde and gay. Years go by like hours in a day. That little child has now gone away. She now walks down the halls to class
Who am I I am me always happy as can be I wont lie it wasnt always this way But we all make here it some day started low, worked hard got here, id card in my hand standing tall
Be edgy, be normal, be cool, and show raw emotion They say. You can only be happy by doing What is correct and accepted by others. Under this commotion I have faith and am at peace  
Who am I? I am the Choice to see the light I am the Hope for a brighter tomorrow
'I am not that blonde'   Stereotypical blondes will be the death of me With such high standards that I'll never reach For those that do I give you a big whoopee Please stand up and give your speech  
They say it’s the career to select The hours just tick away The precious moments will collect And time is up for today.   In the Line of Duty they come With the badge on their chest
I am built of many things. Strong, selfless, and determined. I am far from weak. I am courageous for my battles I have won. I am my locks of hair I shed. I am my nightless hours of sickness. I am my parents sadness. I am my hidden fear. I am hope.
From a distance paced a young teenage girl. She holds her head down trying to avert the gaze of the so called 'pretty girls', who despise her appearance. Her existence to be in fact.
"What word defines you?"The question stays plastered in my mind for three days before I finally have the courage to put pen to paper and write:"I do not know."
                          I am….                (Read from top to bottom)   The one painted with society’s disapproval.                       I will never be
You always want to talk about who I was        Who I used to be A little girl with crooked pigtails (I liked bright pony tail holders) And a nose buried in books
You might ask me, “What’s the difference between a UFO and a smart blonde?” And I, knowing full well the answer, would shrug and ask “What?” And you, laughing at your own genius, would answer, “People have seen UFOs.”
Monsters By Camerin Jae   This smile plastered on my face No one knows I’m a disgrace.   Everything that’s inside Would make someone run and hide.
3 brothers, 2 parents, 1 sister All these people, my family, helped me see For who I am and want to be But thats only a part of me I am inquistive, I am a traveler, I am a music fanatic I Am Me 
I am afraid.. I am afraid that people will find out about my secret and decide not to keep it I am afraid that the world will come crashing down on me and I will only have He
I am in the band  with a flute in my hand I look at the music on the stand I march for the fans in the stand This is only a one band strand There are others on this land I am in jazz and concert band
Dear former self, I love you and I appreciate you Yes you were young, naiive, and very insecure You did not have to compare yourself to other girls For all the times you didn’t believe the good others saw in you
I look around and see, pain which is all around me. This is not what I am to be, I am so much more. Like a leaf drifting in the wind, this is where my story begins.
I am one in many, My flavor is familiar, Yet not liked by many, Bitter   I am ground to the core, For other people's pleasure, Mix me with sugar, I am everyone's treasure  
I want to learn more Education is the key to life no one can take it away, and no one can tell me I can't learn So I want more   I've learned many skills, I have worked to improve them too
To each his own they say, Something I think often through out the day, In a diverse world with diverse beings, Constant change is what I'm seeing, It is such change that has come to mold me.
Peeping at the world from behind her mothers hand, she gasped in awe at what was before her, curious for more. However, as she grew, her skill of precision
I am...or was I? There have never been any answers. Creative? Smart? Well, more answers than one. But who AM I? My thoughts wander the world. Searching, but actually creating,
You see a scholar A learner and leader Who knows more than Enstien himself   You see a creator A molder of ideas and constructs  More inventions than Arcamedies    You see an actor
I am who I am because I choose to spend my week nights in the dance studio I am who I am beacuse I choose to spend my free time doing community service, not sleeping or playing xbox
Look into the mirror Not a mirror in which you see a physical reflecion but- One in which you see your- Heart. Mind. &Soul. Look into the mirror and know no one sees the same reflection YOU do.
My life is a canvas, and I am painted the colors of a perfect storm.Blue when sadness is pumping through my veins,And red when all of the damage is done.There is nothing but extreme highs and lows.It is like the dead poets society.I am not upset I
I am invisible, I am just there, You never notice me, You never see who’s there;   I am invisible, I try to make you see Who is inside, But you do not see me;  
I am…Different and carefree. I wonder…What people think of me. I hear…Wind blowing through the trees. I see…A place far away from here.
I am a molecule  Of water  Swirling about in an  Eddy of emotion  With water, one is flexible  Fluid  Like a viscous ribbon trailing down a path  And while I don't know 
I am from the crowded hallways that seem to never end, from the suburban of the city that never sleeps. I am from the house that is now full, the one that is now forever complete
Words an empty vast of humanity No one but me, lost in my complete sanity How do I decided who I will be? College, where I should be but me myself Scattered in a vast reality
I cannot seem to shake that insecure fat face out of my brain.   She is ugly. She is stupid. She is fat. She is smelly. She is me.    She is me during 5th grade, trying
  Where am I from... I am from books.                     I am from suicide.
I am wanting to live in a world where grades don't matter. I am wanting to live my life undefined by a letter in a gradebook. We, as students, are judged based on numbers. 
I was raised by a white flower called magnolia I was raised by a park named after it I was raised by another park of which I attended school at
I am unworthy. My life, deeds, thoughts, they hold me. I am burning too quick, like a flame through the wick. The trick is that when I'm feeling slick, I'm actually at my weakest. My whole life, facetious.
I am a seventeen year old teenager who lends her life to others. I am the mistakes I made when I was sixteen, fifteen, and years past. I am every emotion bottled into one, form-fitted body.
if I could convince myself, maybe swear to you that everything and everyone is alone. The rivers throw themselves against the rocks and
I am me. No one else is me and I am who I am because of me.  The choices I have made, the experiences I have had. I grow, I learn and discover.  I am proud of who I am, and want to improve each and every day. 
I am another person slogging through life Beginnin and end, naught but strife  
I am…             the smell of freshly brewed coffee             the calm felt standing in front of the ocean             the warmth of a fire on a crisp autumn night             the crunch of leaves in October
I am me. One of thousands of children born in generation Y. We question the things we want to know. Why is he gone? Why is she poor?
I am not my chronic illness. I am not hospitals Or handfuls of prescription medicine. I am not my monthly dose of Remicade. I am not my doctor,
Courage. One word to describe who I am; courage. Never let fear be a factor in your decision making. This statement is so much easier said than done. But reminding yourself of it constantly, will be the beginning of change. 
I am resilience. My skin is made of steel And my eyes throw flames I repel the demons that try to get inside.   I am strength. With the world on my shoulders
I Am Strengthening myself day by day. Slowly regaining self-confidence.  Making myself a strong young woman.  Growing up in the world of a man.   Raised on a farm. 
I am a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a student, a coworker, a friend, a survivor. I have been a social pariah, a burden, a victim.   Watching those you love disappear is an inexplicable feeling,
I am the large, unwary fellow walking I am the awkward one you avoid talking to The silent scarecrow in the storm The subtle breeze when it's warm That one person who you think you know
Lets get one thing straight i'm not I'm not your little girl no more Tomorrows here but you're not Where are you dad when I need you the most? Lets get one thing straight i'm a female No!
I just can't see, What's in front? What's behind? Something's creeping close around I dare not try to find what tries make me their hunt,   How did I get here? Who was that? What is this?
I am Me Who do you want to be? A pilot, a doctor, an architect  You can't be a pilot You can't see past the clouds You can't be a doctor You need to be smart to be a doctor
I remember She stood among the crowd of black and white, walking the same direction as the crowd Where am I She stopped in her tracks while everyone continued on their way What is going on
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year It's the time that Santa Claus is near Although it's cold and dreary outside You can't help but show the Christmas pride With tears of laughter and times of joy
I started small.   I don't mean this purely in physicality,  Though, physically speaking, I was purely small And purely pure, as well.  
“Who are you?” ask my parents. I am safe mom don’t worry. I am doing well in school dad don’t worry. I will be perfect.   “Who are you?” demand my teachers.
Who am I? I AM an African American Male in the 21st Century I am not a walking target  I am strong and I have power I am growing and learning blossuming like a flower I am what society despises of me
The world describes me as an immigrant,  but I am a girl, mother, daughter, women and sister Immigrant to those that don't understand that were are all immigrants
Where I’m From By Rebecca Cantrell I am from Mother Nature, From the sturdy trees that were my jungle gym and the rich earth smelling dirt.
What am I? 
Hey you, man you call yourself to be, hey you! I didn't ask you to be my father but what kills me most is that I love you until …..death do us part!
What is the definition of one's self? Is it the pressure of what society says that individual should be? Is it what the family says that individual should do?
If you were to flip to my page in the dictionary, you'd see me What other word would accurately descirbe myself? I am me, and I love being me My life has been twists and turns; tears and smiles; lights and darks.
Child with wings, cut off to view society as something to become, however can I make a difference?   When I become something one day, points will be proven and points will be proven.  
I am extraordinary because I say so I've witnessed tradegies and lost loved ones I've been told I'm not good enough and I've been looked down upon by my peers which has caused me to have many fears
Growing up,I thought I'd be A superhero with flying capabilities I would travel through time at warp speed Fighting to death, and still not bleed   Soaring the skies with my cape
I am Kind I will give you the benifit of the dout I will smile , not a fake but a real smile I will help a complete stranger I will be kind even after being treated cruel once
I am different I am nervous with sweaty hands Scared to get in front of the class and share my knowledge I am the quiet one, but then I realize, I am me I realize everyone is different with struggles
I am Emily. people say be the only me I am only going to be one in seven billion I will never stand out in this world Twenty years from now I'll tell my kids
High school was my hell I never knew it would break me so well I did more than scrape my knees when I fell I hit rock bottom I know that if I can only chnage my ways the ways of seeing myself
I Am…. I am a blossoming girl that needs to be watered constantly I am a growing woman that is rooted deeply I am an innovator that needs to be challenged daily
crushing weight presses from all sides a storm of expectations lies in wait from every angle worries fill all of the corners                        but I will be me
I Am      I Am A Person.            I Am A Son.                  I Am A Brother.                       I Am A Loved One. I Am      I Am A Sports Fanatic.            I Am A Football Player.
I am the girl in sixth grade who got caught with an older guy.i am the girl you bullied.i am the girl who’s mistakes defined her for yearsi am the girl you called a whore but never knew the truthi am 12 and scared and dreading the bus ride to scho
I am worthy of something better. I'll put this in bold letters. I am worthy of a motherly love, though that's something you cannot provide.
I Am... Selfless When I sit and think of who I am, I ponder long and hard, I'd like to think I've been the one whose always been on guard.
As a child i never understood why i had the name i did i never understood why i was short and chubby i never undertood why i wasn't like the other preppy girls at my school Then i was in middle school
I identify myself as Amy Lee Possibly the only person who could be me, I didn’t think I would grow up to be how I am today In fact, my young self would probably have something mean to say
Two years ago, I lost my way. I walked down a self-destructing path. Who was I? I was not good enough. What did I want? I wanted to be loved. A year ago, everything changed.
The vibes are great and life is good. But I always stop and wonder, What about the hood? I have friends in the penn,
Very rarely do we hear about America's First People and our plight: the Native American, American Indian, the Indian, the redskin, the descendants from the Trail of Tears.  We've been called by many names.  But not much is remembered or said in hi
I Am Curiousity Growing up I was told You can be whatever you want to be A singer, actress, dancer You just have to believe You go to high school And they say you can't do this You can't do that
Molded by the people around me, physically and mentally But the years go on and you start finding your own true individuality Along this road we are all being shaped, whether we know it or not
I am determined and passionate I wonder what my future holds I hear people telling me I won’t amount to anything I see my dreams I want to chase after my desires
How to Love Yourself Is not taught at school Is not in a book Is not in this poem. The worst loathing in the world the worst hatred for your soul is the hatred for yourself. However,
After death and far away paradise awaits our souls, they say. But is this Earth not good enough? Maybe we could  find happiness and heaven within ourselves instead of within
Year after year, the same leaves don't die. The same people never stay but their memories remain.
There's darkness -then  a flash As two parts of me suddenly clash   An angels heart - polluted by a devils mind Cause my heaven, and hell to grind   Feel my agony
I will not be placed Into some neat little box.    I will not fit.   I am not conventional,  I will not go along with the flow,  Biting my tongue and silencing my views.  
Who are you? What are you? Every day On documents when you enter a store meeting someone for the first time they all want to know who are you WhoAmI?
Your life can be tricky Your life can be sad Your life can be happy Your life can be glad Your life is what you make it It’s not always fair
So pretentious and vainglorious, not allowing anyone else through,Merely diminishes the person and fails to give the respect that’s dueRed is a color of ineptitude and dismay, representing a word sinking below the greatest depths
In a somber room, Filled with moist air, I stand there, in the middle, With weak stilts, And a golden light showering me.   If I shroud myself in tarp, I can only momentarily shut out the glare,
I am so unbelievably stubborn. Existing inside me is this iron will, My physical inability to let go of anything I even remotely care about. I can't give up.
I am belief  I believe in myself But does belief make me the best? Does it allow me to pass the test?  Surely it is not that easy. Along with belief must come the work Hours of consistant action
Who Am  I?   I am deeper that the surface. I am more than what you see. I am more than what you hear about. I am stronger than what you think. I am kinder than what you witness.
Have you ever wondered? Wondered why the wind blows to and fro Wondered why the trees whisper their secrets to one another Wonder what the next day may bring?  
You tell me to pick up my pants, Fix the way I walk, Watch the words I say because it’s the ignorant way to talk. But excuse my ignorance, as how am I the one to blame?
I live on a Tennessee mountain, and that is where my standards lie. Courageous, erudite, selfless, my bar is set very high. I became a leader to the younger, with service at its base,
Mother (in the context of a verb) - to bring up a child with care and affection. Mother who only exists within my dreams, who can be found cooking, cleaning or brushing my hair, beaming with joy.
I live attracted to the wild side. My mentality prevails a curse, not to mention my heart is worse. I was once a youthful spirit looking for friendships and smiles.
I am optimistic and determined I wonder about my future I hear her voice in my head I see what my life could be I want to be my own person   I pretend there are no limits
It was a cool Saturday afternoon when I decided to go,I sat there tired of a constant ebb and flow,So I got on my bike and I rode far away,Hoping I'd make it by the end of the day.
I am my anxiety I am the limits it sets for me I am the constant ache in my muscles in my chest I am the constant worry, stress  and paralyzing fear   My anxiety is not me
How is it possible to feel so much joy and to still be dead to the world? I am depressed, but in the moments we are together I shed the anxiety, that leaden straight-jacket holding
I am a tragedythat travels towards nowherein which darkness resides.At an edge, I find myself strandedwith a midst of conflicts rising.It is difficult to escape sometimes
I say, Speak up let your voice be heard don't let anyone doubt youDon't be afraid, we are powerful as one.No need to be ashamed, we all have something to say.I was dehumanized by different guys.Did that stop with whats mineI was constantly in diff
I am who I am Nothing more, nothing less I grew up with a harsh life Wishing everyday, for God to take my life To free me from this wretched world To save my soul, and take me home
i am ill   i have                                              DEPRESSION i have                                              POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER
And I get up. With the words of my soul transpiring in front of me, hoping to achieve greatness. To consider oneself the greatest of minds is to consider oneself the least of mankind.
I am my thoughts, regrets, curses, wishes, hidden behind the blue eyes and placid smile. When Sadness kisses my brain, it also kisses my limbs, my sole, my heart.
I am from stuffed animals, Dog toys scattered across the floor, And computers. I am from gymnastics equipment,
I am… Because He is. Of the dust I am formed, But of His Spirit I am washed Anew.   I love… Because He loves. To emulate Him each Day through my every action is My cue.
Open the dictionary to a place about halfway through the U’s Scroll down the page and between undamaged and underestimated lies only one word undefined. I am undefined
I am a child of God who is beautifully and wonderfully made and a child who has been given the strength to appreciate one day at a time.
I am Kimberly. I am Adventurous and I love to explore and go to new places I am from the beautiful and rare country of Nicaragua, full of lakes and volcanoes, rich in culture and nature
I am more than teachings of self hate.  With skin bleaching of our olive skin-I don't agree.  With any curvaceousness to you-I do not wrap.  I do not follow teachings of self hate. 
I am ever-changing. Always moving, like the flow of water. Dyed the colors of people I encounter, I now have a unique shade that, each passing day, becomes uglier and uglier.
I am a function I am useful to kids in algebra, geometry, and calculus but nowhere else Students hate graphing me by hand because of my complicated nature I am the x-axis and the seconds in time it represents
I am from a monster of anxiety haunting my thoughts of wanting  to share with the world a smile projecting the love received from others not wanting to fail.
I am but one Of the thousands of voices That stand out in the world's crowd, Dissonant from the unanimous Ways to believe; there are many Opinions... But I am opposed to their Oppressive ideas,
I am fearful I am the girl that cowers when scrutinized I am that girl that cares too much of what people think of me I am always wondering if people like me at all I am always wondering what my purpose is
I am what my mother and father said I'd never be They said I couldn't accomplish what I wanted and I honestly thought that was so mean. But here I am, reaching for the best striving for success.
Simply Jaysenia Some may call me Annoying, dumb and hopeless I am not Beautiful,unique and sweet I am beyond Plain and and like everyone else Who never wants to be Seen
I am a dreamer. I dream about love and life. I dream about me and you. I dream about the me I want to be. I am invisible. I am seen only by those who care enough to look.
I am strong like steel. Your actions cannot bend me. Your words do not make me feel. Anger does not overcome me. My strength allows me to heal. I am like a whale in the sea. I am strong like steel.
I am a human being, not something to play with like a toy I am independent because it fills me with joy To be happy in this world, you dont have to rely to others.
I am The quiet one forgotten one Wishing upon a star to be remembered to be appreciated to be loved   I am the overthinker the one that brainstormed day and night
water, calming sailing on my little boat land a far off thought
Blond hair flows down my back as I run, Basketball is my main form of fun. I am an athlete, Its in my blood to compete. I am determined And I am focused, I won’t ever grow nervous.
From the innocent slate we are born, From the wombs of mothers we are torn, I was brought into this world by fire and scorn. For I am but a mere girl, Simple in her own words this may be
15 Years By: Victor Manuel Cadena 15 years of my life more like 15 stabs from a knife No, nothing is ever alright
I am a Leader who belivieves in the future of others I am a human that like all people go through troubles I am Brave Fighting through the world as it crumbles I am Broken
I am Eniece Bent but not broken Bold and outspoken  I am Eniece I am confused but not lost
I am the broken and the damned. Those who hang their heads low and never high. I am the unspoken tales of lost souls that scatter freely. Feeling ashamed of who I am.
Who am I?? I am someone who enjoys your presence, I am the one who place everybody above myself I am the definition of a poverty child.  I am the beginning of a new generation 
I am part of the “make-it” generation. A group of beings whose profession is in procrastination. We roam the streets staring into our black mirrors Waiting for the latest Vine and Tweet, craving for
I am a King I was born into this world to lead and direct I am here to give the path that has been taketh away from my people I shall give where there is a lack of giving
You never really appreciate the way your mind works At times we may get lost but it's good for the soul Suffering tragedies and experienceing love all at once  Created a hole in my throat to speak my true thoughts
I always want something that I can't have, But that's too bad, and if you knew who I am, you'd know I am not what I want to be, I am his universe, The vast nothing that surrounds him,
who am I...              AM                        A Beautiful, Young, Talented loving sister.                      Driven by the love of animals and dance. 
They say small numbers don't define you and they tell you that you can be whatever you want, disregarding the numbers but still, they ask "How tall are you?" They look at you, from head to toe, and always, they ask,
I am a believer in the Boogeyman. I have to sleep with a nightlight. I am a believer in fairies. I will never lose my inner child. I am a believer in laughter. There is no better cure for illness.
So many sterotypes. So many people in this world. So many lives. Way too much to be done. So much money. Yet not enough to go around. So much time. But yet not enough. So many...
Everywhere I go my guardian angel follows me I don’t have to worry about anyone following me Because my guardian angel is always there with me I don’t have to worry about anything coming my way
I am free to explore this land. To walk, breath, hear, see, smell, and feel with open hands. I am free to break down the barriers of the past, To create a future that will forever last.
People out here don't think wisely They think it’s cool to go out get drunk and smoke weed instead of thinking it’s cool to get ahead in school
I am contradicting in every single way, Walt Whitman taught me to accept this about myself, I have a new favorite color every single day,
Religion is a touchy subject And people very rarely ask what religion you are But even though they don’t ask They guess They characterize you White skin, black hair, almond eyes
I am art. I am music streaming from the crack of my bedroom door I am the filled sketchbooks that pile to no end and overflow every drawer I am the photographs that cover my bedroom walls and
I am me Young at heart Old by soul Grew up knowing the world No longer innocent at mind Taken from a young age I am exposed
I am humble yet I brag I am weak yet strong I am spirited yet I am boring I am hope yet  unfaithful I am careful yet  reckless I am free yet isolated
It was all a game to them, But to me it was something more. They didn't know how it was affecting me, They didn't know that I cared. The way they do these things, Makes me lose all my trust.
“Word of My Life” Created by accident, incident, unintended But born to a lone mother whose love never ended She taught me well, she taught me young A knowledge of words and a mastery of written tongue
I am multiracial I am not limited by my race My Japanese background makes me unique I am powerful I am willing to stand up for what I believe in My strength is what draws people towards me
Who am I? Who are you? People will tell you you're weird, The teasing you have always feared. You don't need to defend. And in the end, Tell yourself it's just a sham
The sunrise, the ocean, the music of life, people, and places, and peace. Beauty, joy, and love are my treasures.  To be me means to laugh,
I am lost and alone I turned my back on everything right Chose the path of never ending plight Drug abuse, Atheism, Sex before marriage I ran head first into a Bull I could not manage
They never heard what i was trying to say Never noticed that i wasn't okay With what happened in my life Because those experiences cut me like a knife It wasn't my fault but I didn't believe it
I'm just like this poem Still searching for a title Hope I find mine soon  
When I was younger the skies were always dark. The rain followed me everywhere I walked. The world was black and the sun never shined. But my past is mine And without it who would I be today.
My family watches as I leave. going to the place I should be. school is very important to me. I'll be the first one there. College gives me quiet a good scare.
    It is well known that I’ve longed for you – waited for you to be born… My eyes water at the thought of you. I can imagine the sound of your cry, the sweet curve in your smile.
Don't tell me you love me.   Don't tell me you love me because I am a galaxy and you've only seen the stars.   You haven't seen the parts of me that aren't shining yet.  
I am a cowboy We learned about them in school They all ride on their ponies I think that's really cool   Well, I am a princess In a dress that's long and flowing I rule a kingdom in the forest
i am kind i am caring i am shy i am brave    
I am shy I am kind and filled with love I am from a family who respect each other I am quiet I am from a neighborhood with nosey neighbors    
¨You are Ordinary¨ they say ¨You are Weak¨ ¨There is nothing left in this world for you¨ My head is spinning, all these hateful words telling me that I can’t
I just wanna say something to ALL women You're beautiful & don't let anyone say different You're more fine than a ticket Thicker than a snickerYou walk pass & they all shut it down like crickets
The jungle gym was our castle And with that we were the kings, we owned all we could see: The trees, Brick house, The gardens. With our friends we'd ride our horses, Discover kingdoms anew,
I Am the star I am like the universe; the more you study the more vast it will be, I am like the open book; eveyone can study me easily, I am like a flower; the more you look
I Am the star I am like the universe; the more you study the more vast it will be, I am like the open book; eveyone can study me easily, I am like a flower; the more you look you like to see,
I am... not enough for myself   always wanting to better than who I am  "Your to hard on yourself" they say  but society sees it another way... I am... the girl that pushes herself to tears 
I am not a child, I am not an adult. I am, however, both. A child, innocent and naive. An adult, responsible and mature. But I am trapped, right in between, 
Packed inside my backpack are compartments, small and big, that holds the art supplies that color me, me.
This poem is as boring as math class But I really don’t care, This poem is as long as a river, And you may think it’s not fair. This poem is as tiring as a workout, But you really shouldn’t pout.
On my page in this book called “Life,” Words are everywhere. They are omnipresent expressions, They convey who I am.
I am who I am Because of you You put me through hell I came back better You forced me to grow up and care for my sister So I grew up. . .  Away from you I am who I am
I am from sheets I am from cool sheets on a hospital bed I am from warm arms, craddling me  I am from two parents- happy and loving I am from sheets   I am from sheets  I am from stained sheets
D  oing for others, a fact indeed E  specially those who are in need.. P  raying together as a family E  njoying friends on our journey
I grew up taught not to fear Anything. Except men.   Do all you want Be what you want Don’t depend on a man   But don’t tread Too close to them   You never know
Why? Why should I bother why should I try when the world around me doesn't see life through my eyes the walk down the block, the calls I recieve Life isn't hard for someone who is not me. 
Who am I? Surely I am the way my eyes twinkle at the mere mention of science. I am the way I talk with such a passion about chemistry. I am the care I intend to give my future patients. 
Fiery, never a follower  Fiery, never a follower -Always LEAD with your WHOLE HEART -Anything worth doing Is worth being the BEST Don’t look down on all 4’11’’ of me because I
Who Am I?   I am a being who started with nothing.        Out of this came a warm embrace.   I am pain, fear, and joy.         A creature who has nowhere to escape but up.
Define yourself. I would leave a blank space, because honestly I do not know how to define myself. Ex-gymnast, ex-swimmer, dancer, student, athlete, musician, freckles, shy.        
I known what people say about me behind my back. It's just conclusions that they've come up with in their heads.  They think I have everything, but I don't.  To the public I have a picture perfect life.
Life was happy when I was young when I would cry my mother sung now I live to be myself with many things upon my shelf I am not alone, not anymore I will not accept that I am a bore
I am... I am a girl. I am a daughter, sister, friend. I am a student. I am an athlete. I am more. I am a photographer. I am a lover of holiday decorations.
I am Laura Rodriguez I wonder what the future will hold for my family and me I hear the lectures of my parents that motivate me to do better
The unbreakable but yet unbearable hurt from family and friends I am nothing but, a survivor of handling devils in my past Those devils were family or so I thought
I Am and Not.  
I am strong, courageous, and wise All these things I learned because people weren't nice I got bullied and pushed around it went on till I hit the ground. I fell hard...  
I am not a number I am not my GPA Or my grade on a test Or my ACT score   I am not the number on the scale Or the inches on a height chart Or the number on my jeans  
In my hand I hold a sword To defend or to slay? As one you are the victim And the other you have prey. Future odds determined by what A past has written. What good is old and wise
On the internet, the word confident means having a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something; having confidence. But what do I personally believe I can succeed in?
Preface: The direction wind blows matters not To the skilled sailor If the water fighting back the hull should freeze The ship will rest To the orphaned chick The wind is mother
I was born in a city of glass. A precocious learner, a restless spirit, the stage was set.
Many a time, have I looked in a mirror, And stared at the young face staring back at me. "'Tis strange," I think, "How my heart feels aged, "But my face still shows a child."  
Hopelessly romantic My heart is on my sleeve Falling in love is my simple reprieve From everyday life The humdrum that it is Maybe it does hurt me Maybe it does scare
Can you see them? Are they out in the open? Can you tell that they are even there? Are they hidden that well?  
I am happy but secretly depressed I wonder if I will ever get better I hear voices in my head I see a future with him I want to finally be happy with myself I am happy but secretly depressed  
A Thought Unique, but common. A King Royal, yet poor. A Citizen Free, but enslaved. An American The same as you, yet different in your eyes. A Soul Found, and Lost. A Man
Aliah Reed October 28, 2015
Art, Artistic, Artist, Artful, Artiste My true Passion Three years old with crayons Brand new box, all sharp, smell of wax Batman coloring book Monochromatic - all white with black lines
I am Loud, I am the sound of a bolt of lightning on a stormy day I am the sound of an internal conversation about fireflies and the endless questions of the universe
The path I choose is different from others,  What I decide is my own judgement, My pain is my pain, my gain is my gain, But to be the same, that is a shame, I was created to be myself, 
I do not stop as the water leaps, Lapping around me, gracing my skin, I cannot stop as the water speaks, Beckoning me to dive deeper, to swim   I dance with notes and scales of my morning,
I Am My Future   The past a dark place, The future bright, I am the one who used to be lost, wandering with every one else through broken society,
I Am i Am girl A friend A person that helps others but needs help the most of all feeling like she helps everyone else but no one can help her I Am a girl that loves  
 I am MISUNDERSTOODI am the one with a kind heart but mean exteriorThe one who doesn’t ask for helpThe one who feels she needs to live and learn     I AM the one who waited by the window
Upon further analysis Of the human brain, We understand being anxious Is more than a neck pain Nestled below a smile    Are you a contradiction?  Are you a sham?
I am more than my clothes without the impress i dress, to dress. I am more than my words i speak truth, not for you, but for truth. I am more than my face with or without makeup, I stand as myself.
i am who i am thats why i've entered this slam to show the others who do not know me
What makes you...you? Is it who you see when you look in the mirror? Or is it something more- hidden much much deeper?   How do you treat strangers and peers? What have you loved for all these years?
14 years of being sad Crying every day and every night Not knowing who I am Fighting with myself As well as everyone else 14 years of panic attacks Skipping class and passing out Losing friends
“I am
I Am.... I Am a little seed that is slowly growing into a rose.  I Am a little girl that is being raised by her grandmother. I Am a hurt little girl without my parents. I Am a tomboy.
Who I am 
I am a believer. Yes we all seem to say, "This generation believes in nothing. We have no hope. Nothing can be changed. We are nothing." They stare at their phones
A friend to many; hated by plenty; honest and kind; a liar and blind.   People try to tell me who I am, What I was, Who I will be,   "You're too smart to be acting this way,"
Fear of Thunder Fear of falling  Fear of a broken ankle  Fear of an unstable back Fear of being the center of attention Fear of knowing the hurt in this world  Fear of snakes  Fear of spiders
I Am….   I Am A brown-skinned girl Living in a land that my ancestors Nurtured with their bare hands   I Am More than a teen pregnancy statistic Or a victim of the prostitution
I have to lie and deny 
I was somebody who didn't take anything seriously I was somebody who didn't care about school  and wasted away my time doing unimportant things I was somebody who didn't care about others
I am... The girl who was always too trusting. Until given a reason not to, but even then gave chance after chance. putting others happiness before herself,  then lost who she was in efforts to make others happy.
My pain,Exceeds no others,Some might relate to only having a mother.I'm different,I think, I know Pops still got love for me,When I see him again, I know he'll have a hug for me.
I want to be a rock, but I flow like a summer breeze. I want to be loyal, but sometimes I need something new. I want to tell the truth, but I know the truth hurts.
I am average. I'm not smart, I'm not pretty. I'm not athletic, I'm not a genius. I try my best, I work hard in school. I do my chores at home, I go out with my few friends.
I Am Everything and nothing,  I am Alpha and Omega. I see it to the end and I see it to the beginning, I touch the lives of all those around me. I hear the world move around me,
I love the sent of Utah Crisp, awake, refreshing   I love the rain that washes away all my problems-  even if its just for a moment   I love the way my jacket smells 
There are 3 sides of her Which do you see? Do you only see 1? Or do you see all 3?
I am........you
I am a cup of coffee in the morning with a milky way swirl galaxies colliding together in the stillness of the morning the Earth holds its breath my atoms awaken the stardust in my skin vibrates
I, Yes I, chose to smile. It is today that I smile even though my past wants me to cry. It screams “You should know my pain.” but instead I shrug it off and sigh. We say that life is unfair,but instead we should ask where?
My first name is Megan, but my last name means more.  Luttinen should be first because my family is my core.  They are the first layer that everyone will see, and the five of them
If I, had to choose a fate, Only one, out of infinities Only one, out of possibilities Only one, of these abilities.   If I, had to choose a page, Only one, that's the beginnning,
Who am I? To begin I must state who I was I was happiness and naivete I was sound personified  I was a future waiting to happen
You taught me to love passionately, and for the first time stage fright was unfamiliar to me,
Somewhere in the back Of a dusty old book Lies a page where my life You can see with one look. It lacks flair and flash But is driven by passion For science and service
I am  strong yet broken.
 I am torn but not incomplete,
Care free and worry free
The entirety of my mothers family has blue eyes  It's a dominant trait, my mothers eyes are like the sky  My uncles are more like the waters we would go kayaking in. So on and so forth 
I Am… I am steady like a bird, But free like the wind. I am never heard, But I will always comprehend.
I am empowered charged to be the change  determined to create a peaceful future I am frustrated  upset at the violence  disheartened about the never ending death I am sad
Yes, I'm human Yes, I fall down sometimes    No, I'm not perfect, no one is But I constantly dust myself off and get right back up My imperfections are not a part of who I am I am not defined by my screw-ups
Rich is plentiful, Rich is fulfilled.  Rich is not the money from the trees, or the generations of acknowledgement.
I am still adjusting to this new life.  I wonder why bad things happen. I hear of more and more Chiraq causalities daily. I see the city as one large time bomb. 
Growing up was hard for me It had its ups and downs,
What am I?
It's a picture like those movies you hate, you know, the kind you watch with your friends over slightly over-cooked M
I am the Future, a culinary dream in process. A Baker college student in progress. I am a Dreamer, a vision of a five star business. One with plenty of guests in it's midst. I am a Believer,
I am intricate, I keep people on the very tip of their little toes, I live my life as if it were a paradox, I like to switch things up when no one is paying attention,
I am a survivor, A survivor of hands that hate. I fear no one, For I have met my tormentor. I have heard words, Words spoken from a snakes tongue, "You are nothing" "You are useless"
I am female I am male I get hit for stupid reasons I'm powerful and strong People believe I'm only good for house work It's said I have to maintain the home At work, I get lesser pay
Three kids no degree that's suppose to be me                                                                        Stereotyped  by society might just be the death of me                                                
I am... I am.. I am? Who am I? I think I am just a girl Trying to make it in this world without breaking I think I am just a girl Who wants to look in the mirror and like what she sees
The lies I tell Aren’t in words Or in character. They don’t tell stories; They don’t create virtues. My lips don’t build cities that never existed Nor do my actions tell of merits I never earned.
I am an alarm. I am a timer. I am a school bell. This is what I am. I do not speak for hours. I sit and I wait. I wait for what? I wait for when the time is right. I wait for when I am ready.
I am beautiful I tell myself every day whispers at my back questioning stares wondering why? why am I different?   I am beautiful I lie into the mirror because seeing is believing
You are you. I am I. I have seen life and death. I have seen marriage and divorce. Being me may be hard for you. But being me is easy for me. I am loved. Never will I ever not be loved.
So who are you little girl Seeing yourself through the clouds. What shapes does your little mind come up with? Do you see the mermaid or the pirate? Free spirited or adventurous.
To define means to give the exact meaning or to be in perfect cla
Little boys little girls follow your dreams little boys little girls  dream dream dream  Wait, do you call them dreams or nightmares  the dreams of who you are and what you want to be
All my life I searched for success, but always felt like I was something less. No matter how hard I tried, I was never enough.
I see beauty beyond the pains of this world,  the thoughts of our young boys and the heartbreaks of our girls. I am a beholder.
Look at the bright side of all that is dull Never is life completely full Smile at frowns Laugh at tears Life is full of many years
I am a stranger A stranger to you A stranger to me A stranger to life I know who I am But I don't know myself Everything is different Yet nothing has changed Uncomfortable in my own skin
The world is so sad People judge you because you're different They put you down cause they don't think you're rad Well f*ck them, I'm brilliant They bring their negativities and try to suffocate me
I am working. Don't bother me right now. I don't want to be mean, But there are priorities, They determine how much I can care about something. Right now, work is my prioroty, And you aren't.
I am driven and spontaneous
What makes you...you? (I am me)      I am me.
I am not who I wanted to be When I was just nine. The skinned knees and broken bones
I am not defined by my skill level, I am not defined by what I do, I am my thoughts and my actions, I am who I am inside, I am behind closed doors, I am me, alone, I am caring, I am kind,
I am. This is all I know, I am.  Weary, betrodden and flickering I am.    A flame, berated by the wind Burdened by a fragile existance A humble light, I am.    I am fire,
I Am Different! I do not think like other people. I do not have the urge to follow others. I Go My Own Way! The urge to travel runs through my veins.
I am driven I am fearful
I am water.   I am fire.   I am earth.   I am air.   I am what the world around me bears   Two Hydrogen, One Oxygen
He feels like fire and rage. He feels like ice and a turning page.
I am who i was meant to be, who i can be, the best i can be, what i will be.   I will always be me.  
What an honor it is to stand in this moment. A mind filled with curiosity. A heart pumping with courage. Look from where I’ve departed – A vast season’s change From where this story started.
One word to describe myself? Is there anyone who can think of one word? Pretty? Smart? Funny? Friendly? Kind? No. How can one word describe me or anyone else? Don't are personalities matter?
I am the girl that  got a disease. I am the girl that almost died...twice. I am the girl who always misses school. I am the girl who tucks her emotions away. I am the girl with no energy.
a bottle of beer
I am BROWN. My hair, My skin, My eyes. Brown, but NOT black. Black is coal, Coal that comes from the earth. The BROWN earth.
I am ready Ready to take on the world. My hands and feet are steady My face is made, my hair is curled. Watch out world,  I am ready!
I sit here listening to the new album my favorite band released today. 5 Seconds of Summer makes my life so much better. Normally I'd be binge eating or watching TV, but hey.
I am. I am… a human being,
Who am I? Or rather What am I? I am strength I am tenacity I am power  I am hope for a better tomorrow I am determination I am willingness I am love
Oh to be me with the blond hair The blue or green eyes who knows they change To be me with the scars  Some seen some not I have lived through the battles Foster care is one battle field
Feel the Breeze
I am not as I appear nor who you think I am, I am not my own conclusion, I am not an exam, I am not my own disguise nor just merely looks, I am not my intelligence, I am not a list of books,
Am I… I am, Who? Where do you go to ask the elementary question, Who Am I?   You go to the soul The place of reckoning Where experiences And dreams Comingle to form
Passion. An emotion with no control, Like permanent ink seeping through the particles of paper, It shall be seen in all perspectoves. Passion cannot be denied, Passion cannot be lied,
I won't be defined by the boys I've dated, the people I've hurt, the failures I've hated.
Some things are better left unsaid and sometimes even undone.
Be strong, That's what they say. my question is                                                Who, could possibly expect someone like                                               me
I am far from beautiful. I am the silhouette of the beautiful mind in which I curse, simply out of spite.  I am the dry bones that rattle in this flesh, just waiting to shed its lively essence.
I am more than what you think  I am more so what i believe I am brave and cannot be deceived 
I am a daughter My mother is my light I am a friend Always there to help wipe your tears I am a student Accepting the wisdom I can gain
That's the real question, isn't it?Well,here's my personal answer.
Drive. It’s something that we all have, but some of us don’t know how to use it. Passion. Also something we all have.
I lay here, the prying eyes open me and they will see a mess of different letters. These letters, they make not words, no emotions, no strengths, no weaknesses, they will open me and find names.
I lay here, the prying eyes open me and they will see a mess of different letters. These letters, they make not words, no emotions, no strengths, no weaknesses, they will open me and find names.
You already know that my name is Zain Choo Choo, all aboard! Get on the Zain train. If you're not with me expect some real pain, if you on my side, it's only sun, never rain.
I am your very own flesh and blood Your eyes Your hair Your hands I share them
I have nothing delicate to say if you knew what it meant for me to say, "I love you" what it meant for me to say, "thank you" what it meant for me to say, "I'm sorry" You would understand.
I have nothing delicate to say if you knew what it meant for me to say, "I love you" what it meant for me to say, "thank you" what it meant for me to say, "I'm sorrry" You would understand.
Well then, let’s stand face to face Right here, right now; And close your eyes.  
I am passionate and humble. I wonder what the future holds for humanity for it seems it desires to be hugged lovingly. I hear “friends” snickering and mumbling behind each other’s backs.
I am the ambitious, young woman who was doubted The one who was told to stop The one who was told who she should be However, that was merely the words of a quitter Envious of my drive and aspirations
I am Tyler Who became enbodied with ambition Who was oversaturated with passion Who through longbearing the pain of pride and passion Became well endowed with the easiness of wisdom
I am who I am and that just happens to be Sam   All I ever wanted to be is just plain old me   What more is there to say?   I am who I am and that just happens to be Sam
I’ve been told that my circumstances will have me thrown into a bowl of “you will never be’s” I’ve been told that I will never be able to turn my face proudly to the sun without feeling the guilt of the shadows that fall at my feet
I am inspired, empowered, striving to be more than what has become the norm of the generation of today.
Autumn is the only time that it is acceptable to like change.
When I'm feeling angry I join up with the squad And we all agree to say That everyone's a clod I am quite the introvert  and people think me odd But they don't know my opinion of them 
I am soicety's reject. I am my school's worst enemy. I am the student teachers despise. I am the "troubled one"   I am who they tell other' s not to look up too.
Afraid is the first thing I was and afraid I'd always be When his tough tongue slithered its way  to my ears and whispered... It's okay but it did not stop there....
I dealt with a big, erratic family. I was taught to follow my orders exactly. Sacrifice seemed completely normal. I never stopped until my work was done.   I am not a stranger to mistakes.
I am . . . Reserved, Reflected, Becoming the Reserved Reflection of Light, Circular, Cunning, Lightning Cunning through Circular objects, Backwards, Bigger,
I am the teardrop of a woman
I am not who I ever expected to be. I never thought I would be the person to be completely broken. I never thought I could care for one person so much. I never thought someone could change my life so drastically.
Daughter of the King and Bama-born beloveds Hailing from the province of prestigious peaches and ravishing red clay
50k for college It is just expensive knowledge I am screaming to the college debts Like stop it But does no good  if I do not have deep pockets Everyone doing this poem need the money
I am not as innocent as I was before I am not the man that people want me to be I am not the person that society asks me to be I am not your slave I am not your robot I am a man
I am Dennis Dixon of Indiana. An African American who wasn't always comfortable with his skin, you see? I live in a town who discriminate against me as if they are under some spell or as if their mind is bacteria infected.
Years of your physical presence
I am broken, yet I am restored.  I am wise, though very foolish.  I have seen the sunset to late in the day, when those around me could stand to stay. 
I am out of my comfort zone I am not a poet But I am bold I am in need I am scared But I am excited I am stressed I am unsure But I am the future I am a perspective college student
Me Not who I wanna be Or who I used to be Not who I wish to be Hope to be Or claim to be Just me.   But then again who exactly am I?  
Has a childlike innocence But the lovings of a beast Surrounding her is ignorance Though her brains are the least Her head stuck inside books No, not a choice Noticeable are her looks
I am the rose that grew from concrete. 
The future is a fantasy fully unlocked, by lucid dreams and a burning desire  True passion is that which is set ablaze by an incandescent fire It's no accident the rose is covered by thorns yet blooms so vibrantly
Hello. I am a rotten banana.  I was green outside.  I was small. I was ripe.    Now I'm older and I am  black outside  and inside. And my outside  and my inside 
I am Taylor Lee.  I am Broken.  I am Damaged. I am Me. But I am good. I am Beautiful. I am Brown - Skinned.  My skin's like Honey. I am Growing. I'm not perfect.
  When you look at me, what do you see? I would hope that it would be my personality But That is not what society has taught you, me… we. You see my #TBT, selfies and who follows me But
I am the mixture of a foolish incident and no condom. I am the strength that only those who can fight tooth and nail to maintain their individuality can obtain.
I am curious and young I wonder about my future. I stress about my classes. I apply for scholarships. I am curious and young.
"No way" you said to my change, I guess that I put it in the wrong way. Ones, fives, tens, are what you will take in but not my pennies, nickels, or diamonds. "No way" you said to my change,
I am only one person What difference can I make? I am only one person But that's all it takes One person-- One goal To make the the world better as a whole
I am FromI am from Sandy and Rugger, Kose and Jeanne, Eleanor and MelbaI am from where i stand now, from birth and never leftI am from bug filled summers and ice filled winters
 I have always been shy,  And I have always wondered why,  Why was it so hard to be me?
I Am a Light in the Darkness   I am of the few called to fight, the unending battle of lives taken to soon.
There's just times where she can't go on with this, she knows it'll be fine with just one kiss. She told herself to stay happy and to keep fighting, but she keeps finding herself just writing.
To lay here night after endless night being completely literal when I say this, crying myself to sleep.. To do that to myself is.. My own personal prison.
It shouldn't be so hard To tell you who I am I though that this was thought out I had the perfect plan And this always happens (Or it never does) And I'm too frustrated To explain because
Sarah. Look at the name and what do you think? What do I think? Sarah
Not sure of what's to come, but sure of what I choose to become.
You yearn for an earthly goddess Who is worthy of praise You are one who craves a raw woman An earthly goddess She's talented and charismatic but of course she's modest
Pure Nostalgia
Meeting The Lost Generation When the outsider met the old soul She couldn't remember what the wise woman said Something like feed your “Feed your head”
The story of how my life goes, a little tale about many friends and foes. I see fake people who have friendly grins, and then I discover they commit a lot of sins.
why must I always fear walking alone because I am a female yet I am shamed when I ask my friends to walk with me so we are safe why is it okay for boys to make rape jokes while
I was happy growing up My middle school years were horrible A neverending nightmare Wanting to wake up  I need comfort Shake me and slap me Hold me and Yell at me to wake up 
Iphones, Androids, BlackBerry.... Expensive, Complicated, Non-existent.
I never looked back  For that's what over thinkers do My page was full   Full of happy memories to adore I loved life   And I thought life loved me back  But that was a mistake  She threw problems in my face
A field surrounded by hundreds of flowers Lilies, tulips, sunflowers Beautiful, vivid colors A single flower stands out Red, bright and bold Different, unique, unlike the rest A man, Dressed in white,
I am brave I have the courage now to face the world and all it has to offer No longer is it full of dread and regret and fear
I am the voice of the unspoken. Filled with pain and hope, looking for justice. I am a piece of many broken. Bleeding angry, We run out of substance.  
I am a rough cover That lies in a lonely corner of a library, With endless pages inside of me. I am thriving for you to notice me,
From the first day, they told me that my special person is okay  The things that make me unique make me special so hold them close  But what they didn't tell me is kids don't like different
I run with the stallion, I train with the wolf. I fly with the eagle, I fight with the lion. I'm a Warrior, fighting to see the next sunrise. I'm a Warrior, just waiting for the special reprise.
I was brought up, taken around, these people showed me how it goes down, started from the bottom of the vine, on my way I'm on my way, i couldn't see it any better, 
I am the back seat boy.  The lone ranger that wanders in a dark abyss. I am the one who sees what others call evil. I marvel at it. We dance upon our shadows. I am the one locked up in mind and soul.
i am the letters falling down my wrist, they mark the pages of the word,
Searching threw magizines wanting them to be me. Looking in the mirror only seeing 203. Walking, observing only to be dismissed. Looking in the mirrior  now seeing this.
I am a misunderstood individual I am a human with many flaws I am a person with good intentions I am an American, teenage girl I am nothing more and nothing less of the average female  who is never expected to handle challenges I am your typical "...
When I used to look in the mirror I saw a girl who's future was ever nearer. She knew people in the world were crying.
I was a child, A wanderer, A straggler. I was wrong, Blind, Naïve. I was a child, Lost at sea, Caught up in daydreams drifting in the sky.
Her eyes are sad, in a strong kind of way. A little girl who believed in the things they pushed away. She loved, she lost, she fell. Her eyes are wise, in a scary kind of way.
I am the rock. I am the solid surface upon which everyone leans As I sink lower into the ground. I hold the weight of their problems, but not a single person Knows of mine. “I need help” they all say
Who could I be? Strength is what defines my life, Both from myself and my surroundings. I am a victim. Child abuse in particular. I was quiet for years, Lack of strength defined me for a long time.
I am unique,  one of a kind they say.  For not everyone is the same.  I am quiet and talkative at the same time. Tending to be shy at first,  but that soon goes away
Younger me, was full of life, my future stuck in a bag, in my hand lay the knife. I stabbed and I poked, I tried only to find, that the knife lay dull and life was why. Sharp objects I searched for,
It seems I am an identical twin first born. It seems I am a "we" when I am always "I" It seems I couldn't have predicted  a time where we both were depressed.   We...
I'm a simple man; My ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings, elements and energies from my life.
I am journey. I am not capable of staying in one place for the rest of my life. My eyes want to see the world around themselve. My nose wants to smell natures natural scents.
Why does everyone judge me? 
Two Shades  
I am only me... ...Only me and nothing more. But that's enough 'cause I'm enough And of that I'm very sure.  
I am not just a test scoreI am made of so mu
Way up I feel blessed. I grew up normal I guess Parents and teachers Never been featured Getting a good education While staying patient From Jamaica to Greece
I am the culmination of my memories 
They tell you that you can be yourself -  Just be nice, and kind, and loving, Go to college, get good grades, don't throw your life away like that In front of a computer typing all day.
No definition No place to go Trapped by my inner-self Alone Not what I am Not what people see placed in their heads A picture of me I am who I am Nothing more
I am  artistic and open  I wonder  why I care for conformity  I see  Beauty in abandonment  I want to aspire and except life's criticism I pretend I am emotionally tame 
I am... Two sides of a penny
The surrounding environment can be very influential I live every day to it's full potential I believe living outside my comfort zone is essential I consider myself to be somewhat inimitable  
I am a plum blossom,                                                                                                                                        who blooms in the cold harsh winter,                                                      
5.25 feet, is that all I amount to? Is that all that they can see or or can the see, the real truth that inside of this inconspicuous shell, lies a meek warrior chief whose wisdom and strength, 
I think of you always.  how you came to me.  unexpected.  not expected at all, really.  a pefect match.  in an instant you saved me.  and we grew together,  you and I.  sometimes, in the beginning, I would forget you were there.
Young love is dangerous, young love is forbidden, Am I considered harmful? Will I be persecuted? Young love is misunderstood, young love is just a chapter I am wrong? Am I a book?
Me M-E One syllable Two letters   I am me I am the elevation of my sucess The raputure of my words
I am human I am a student, a daughter, a sister,  an aunt , a cousin, and  a stranger. I am feel wory, pain, stress, confusion, and joy, happiness , and bliss. 
Princess or Queen I am definitely me Yet I'm definitely labeled mean but I am still me.  I have the skin color of brown but I'm not alone
Who am I? Well to answer your question I must first answer the question of what I am not
I remember how worried I was, 
All the things they'll never know stuck in-between, what's clearly seen Loneliness is assumed Endured, and thats's how it's always been but with this, the hurt won't show Becuse then, I can pretend
I am petrified and anxious I wonder if there is a god, how they could be so cruel I hear the echoing of my rapid heart like the sea pounding against my ear I see the good in people even if it isn’t there
Who do you want to be? they asked. What do you want to be remembered as? they questioned. Why do I have to be someone or something? I have to ask. I am... me. It does not matter who they say I am.
we are so human. 
 I am from cattle, loud and impatient And from corn, towering and emerald And also from equipment, flamboyant and mended  
Who am I? I am a college student sinking more and more in to debt because of the careless mistakes our "leaders" made. I am sitting here trying to figure out how I will buy milk while they're wipping their asses with money. 
Misanthrope, An envelope, An open one with a blank page, What to write? No one knows, The emptyness it surely shows, I am a blank page, I am yetto be written,
I am I am? I am someone Someone who lives
I am musical
I Am...I Am the young man who was lost in old depressionI Am the young man who found himself in music to take away his hurtI Am the young man who was stuck in constant regression
It is I, The one, the only .  The blood of royalty, the heart of dirt The mind of matter and the soul of the earth.
I am a daughter, of teen parents who instilled the value of education in me because of their own missed opportunities. I am a granddaughter, that sees the wisdom and knowledge in my grandparents strands of glistening grey hair.
A maiden fair; elegant, full of grace.
I am strong Not in physical means In willpower and mentality Begging to live my dreams Many hardships have come and flown my way There were times i didn't know if i would walk away the same
Who is she?
Preferring the stage The loud The spotlight Prefferring the mask The fake  The pretence Preferring not to be me An actors words are written out  Mime the spells without a doubt
I am strong willed. I am small in size but towering in confidnece and positivity and it will never change.
Coming like a beast towards my face in a hospital room life is at it again 
I am someone who cares a little too much Someone who sometimes doesn't care enough I am that person who stares at a blank screen Waiting for my thoughts to materialize onto a page I am an artist, I think?
I am different and short.  I wonder what Americans sound like to people who speak a foreign language. 
I was shocked. I was weak, lost confused. I was once an open book, now I am locked. I was vulnerable, broken and used. I believed in everything, including you.   I was foolish, completely unaware,
I am eccentric and original I wonder how many friends I would have if only people would get to know me. I hear whispers from my bio mother…. I see her there when she isn’t I want my step mother to adopt me
A Wordsmith to her most beloved words...     Withhold from me not one jumbled jot, Or else I’d just as soon go blind. Redeem me or unleash my mind,
Who am I you may ask? That’s a good question. I could be a teacher, a painter, dancer, or a mother. I could be lots of things. But to answer your question
For a long time I thought I had my life figured out: Where I’m supposed to go, What I’m supposed to do, Who I’m supposed to be. I watched as smiles would spread across people’s faces
Once again i
I have a passion But no one can feel it  
If someone asks you to 
For a person to grow up, Innocence Is lost.  An uncontested truth amoung us all. In the dark there come desires of flesh,
In the morning the sun shines light upon it. The sleepy restful dream ends the stressful dream begins.
I Was an Only Child That Was Pretty Wild  
I am a blank slate Adults around me are there to shape me To mold my very being
I am not a standard. I am not your stereotype. For you may see me And judge me by my looks. But I know that I am more. I am Daniel.
I am not whole Not yet Not ever I am pieces of a girl stitched with shaking hands and bloody fingers Bruised all over In a heart as cold as silver where is my plan
I am a buttercup.
I am white and privileged I wonder what oppresion must be like I hear cries from all around I see history repeat itself I want a change I am white and privileged  
I am the physical being of regret,From the day I was created,I was nothing more than a debt.A father which I hate to call related.
I am a million things, nothing will define me
Confused, growing, stressed.. I am all of these things Sometimes I forgot life and what it seems
Life is not always as it seems you see green, others see blue right is wrong and wrong is right once you grow you will seek wisdom it takes time to appreacite all life has to offer
I am bruised and maimed The masses will someday know my name I am one of they very few Who refuses the silence, whose words spit and spew I will not hide I will not fade away
Who am I? I am...So many things I am broken I am lost I am scared. Who am I? I am lonely I an empty I am tired I am alone. Who am I? I am healing I am found
  I Am. I am misunderstood, forgotten, and broken. But still a beautiful spirit waiting to be awoken.
I am Candid, Limitless. I wonder about my future ten years from now. I hear a world filled with critics who preach negativity and only see problems not solutions.
When sunshine comes through your window in the morning And when the wind gives you a cool breeze on a hot day
First of all, I don’t act how I look. I’m a girl, but I don’t clean or cook. I don’t like to shop or put on makeup; How I look for the day is how I wake up. I’d rather play sports with the guys
I had to catch myself  I didn't learn my lesson. So when I caught myself  I later taught myself that- That no one in this life is on my team. Even blood can be poisonnous.  
I am no longer the faint voice in the distant; I am no longer the shame that lives because I am a woman, because I am from Hispanic descent, because I am the child of field workers.
I was a carnival,  but I was the part that didn't sing,  that didn't glow,  that didn't twist or swirl or dance.  I saw spiders, spiders in my eyes.  I felt goblins tugging at my toes. 
Childhood to Adulthood
I am..  A realist. Someone who sees everything for what it really is. And my mother always told me, " be about your buisness."
~Me~ By: Praises O.   Me, the one noboby notices Yet everyone looks at   The one that is neither strong  Nor weak   I am not good  Nor am I defined as bad
Recently life's been good Or so it has seemed I've done all I've could To create myself redeemed From sports to music to school ive schemed but I'm missing the life that's in need
Strength By: Praises O.   As the tears falls down And the words come out Her heart lifts up  To the rays of the sun  
I am not who I appear to be. I am not that quiet girl who you've had in some of your classes, the one with all of the answers. Truth be told, I have no idea who I am.
I wasn't ready for what the world portrayed I was a bird with broken wings I was lost and confused  I was tired I wanted to be better I knew I had to make some changes I didn't want to be lost anymore
I am an experiment, nothing more.
I am water, Fluid and flowing,  Yet my heart does not falter.   I am a tree, Tall and Growing, Yet strong in my beliefs.   I am the sun, Bright and Shining,
The road begins when you enter this world,   your life moves fast and before you know it,   just the beginning of a long and windy road,   you see yourself in preschool,
Our differences make me,me I hope our similarities make me like you. We are connected in ways too deep to understand, even though others may try too. Our images reflect similarities,
Don't tell me who I am Don't define me using labels Let me be who I am Without labels Without titles Just me   I have three mothers two sisters and a brother.
My mom is my reason of my success,she always told me to stay in school.She was the reason why i never quit,  even though my brain wanted to explode with anger and tears wanting to run down my face because of all the problems she
I am not your adverage girl, i am a girl that sees beauty in everything this world had to offer. I am very caring and loving and that right there can be a good and bad thing. For me it works out.
I am the leaf that blows in the wind,  no one really notices me but I am there.  I get stepped on and crushed with out a care in the world.  Everyone sees me but do they really?
I am a gamer A lover, a friend for all I am a student 
Who are you they ask I am a traveller on journey To where they ask To a destination I am still unsure of Why do you go there they ask To discover who I am
I am a numbers person. I am whole numbers, sometimes only fractions or percentages, and not always rational.
Born and raised as a brain Until the bullies brought the pain Through this the Social chameleon was born To prevent his constant forlorn Or worse, the others scorn   To make it out alive
Oh, I know who I am.
  The world is inspiring The world is made up of so many things, unknown things And it’s AMAZING The world is big and I am small But that’s okay I’ll grow Grow big, grow tall I can’t wait.
I am from a mother of silky caramel skin and chocolate brown eyes. A mother who gives me goosebumps every time she sings. A hardworking mother filled with smiles, hope, and aid. Who struggles with love. 
I am a human, Wether or not you are one Depends on your soul
I am one of the seven million people
I am not your typical teen
  Letters turn into words. I put the words on a page like an artist puts a picture on canvas. Words turns into sentences. They wrap around my mind by like a blanket of comfort. Sentences turn into paragraph
There are many laughs  There are many tears  There are many allies  There are many enemies    If only the smiles stayed  If only the tears dried    The feelings shown are fake 
Life scares me I feel like it's a person my worst enemy challenging me everyday  trying to put me down just so I will say' "I hate my life" but I don't think I hate my life 
Cinderella Locked in her tower, In her big white room full of big white walls, Cinderella Dressed in beautiful baby blue lace, Covered in cinder from her broken mind and tattered life, Cinderella
As I've journeyed through this thing called life, I've learned more and more about myself and others. People often ask, where are your feelings?
Fusion. If I was any word in the dictionary, I would be the word fusion. I am the combining of two or more things into a single entity. I am from push and pull, from yin and yang.            
I miss my dad even if it makes me mad that he was in and out of jail ever since I was little it hurts knowing I can't have what most people have a dad to be there to scare away all your fears and wipe away all those tears
I don't know what my brain is thinking about half the time maybe I do, but I don't want it to be mine its hard to ignore but it builds more and more ive tried before but it's like someone banging on the door
Imagination run rampant, creativity
Life is perfect now it hasn't always been see all of the problems started around the time that I turned ten   My dad died when I was six and then there came the coke Mommy became addicted
There's nothing left to write nothing left to say words are my savior
I Am.... Haitian I have once been described as "not a typical haitian" then again what is " a typical haitian"? I  Am Ambitious So are most other Haitians I Know I Am Brave
I Am.... Haitian I have once been described as "not a typical haitian" then again what is " a typical haitian"? I  Am Ambitious So are most other Haitians I Know I Am Brave
Here in lies the soul There's a viciousness so bold An animal like mentality A jaded view of reality All you see is what you desire And other issues you don’t bother to inquire.  
I am whole, but I am broken. I am depressed, but I am happy too. I am alone, but I have friends too. I am lost, and that is okay, for I
It’s never been easy, But the last few years Have been the worst.   Demons waged a battle In my head
My name is anonymous
Masked   I am masked, Shrouded by the front line of the chorus. Voice tatterred, shrouded, unheard. Any vocation would be too absurd.
I am fearl
Mo money show money blow money party money side girl money hit the store money once your broke you asking for Mo money then your friends laughing saying yea yea go get Mo money        
I am a melody I wonder how I’ll live my life I hear what I feel in my head I see a story full of hope I want to be the music I am a melodyI pretend I'm the emotion I feel like an emotion 
And you ask me: "Who I am?"...
  You let me try for so long                                   I was there every day, Hoping you would do the same. I’m in pain, but still, I stay.   You said you cared,
I have 10 assignments today  through time...what's the point? Frivolous assignments do not render to life all or nothing Pacing through the life  When are we going to halt?
I am Cheyenne I am moving boxes and poetry that nobody ever reads I am the child who has too many stories to ever believe I am the voice who fights to be heard   I am an everchanging ball of emotion;
What do you think of, When you pass everyone On the street, in the halls? Do you imagine the lives they live, Winding and intertwining with your own For the split second you glance at each other,
I am a survivor, Never have been taught how to surrender And I don't intend to find out either.
    I Am An iPhone     I am an IPhone.
I am things that cannot be written on paper. Futile attempts are nothing more than memories, like the heady scent of perfume that clings to the air long after the wearer is gone.
I am from the rich brown, upright piano, From crayons and cassette tapes,
I am who I was but different…things are changing. Do you see me? Really see me? I am smiling back to you and you are looking back to me, but you don’t know yet…
I'd like to say that I am me I'd like to say that I am all i can be but these monsters  that i hide  are slowly killing me inside   I'm in a business a business of misery
I used to be a blossom Filled with joy and simplicity Waiting to see what will become of sweet, little me. I would wonder what magic awaits for the rest of my journey.  The possibilities of the greatness 
Who am I? A great question this is, the best way to know is to live what I've lived.  So with pen in hand, I'll write to you, the story of me in the best way that I can.
Blood. Blood throughout my flesh Blood that stings my flesh Blood that spills from every pore And burns throughout my soul Blood. It gives me life It heals inside But kills when spilled
Who am I?  I am Miss Unique strange some might say, beneath this petite physique lies a strong lioness who walks with confidence and elegance day after day, I am beautiful both in and out
Is it my height, my hair, the color of my eyes? Or is it the clothes I wear, or the car that I drive? On the outside, that might be, But that’s not how I think of me.   I think of me as someone who cares,
Wanting to belong. Wanting to fit in. Wanting to tell my story , trying to figure out the girl within. I smile and I laugh its a mask ive learned to fit.
She’s the girl who has a loving mother;She’s the girl with a father who cares.She’s the girl whose parents think she's perfect.She’s the girl that everyone compares.
I am happy I laugh I smile All day and all night Through good times and bad Everyone should be happy I am happy I was adopted My parents were drug addicts I live with disabled grandparents
What I am   I am a collection of pastel colors, a wrapper hugging tight to a plastic bottle. I am the fabric on your jeans, the maroon on your nails. The sweet on your tongue.
Where I Am FromI am from snow falling outside my house.From the fresh breeze on a Sunday morning.I am from looking at bird’s eggs in the backyard.From love and happiness in family.
We all make mistakes They can be solve with your friends.
I am not the only one who is afraid to feel this way I am not the only one who can't make people stay I am not the only one who fears life after dusk I am not the only one
I am Growing up... Not such a good thing, in the eyes of others... A red headed little girl not living with her mother, not knowing her brothers,
  no where to run no where to hide all is seen all is known secretes fly like bir ds in the sky      
I am misunderstood I am confused I am alone I am not what I expected I am parentless I am struggling I am trying I am hard working I am gaming I am fishing I am sleeping
A teacher they tell me  my mother a teacher my blood  spews knowledge  but I Do not art music and passion not hydrogen  atoms or genes My mother
Hands sweaty. Heart thumping. Flashes of thoughts of everything going wrong. But breathe. Breathe again.
Life, life is hard I knowYour a girl who thought this would never happenThis is your storyYou go to workYou love itHanging out with the guysThats funYou trust the ones you work with
Who am I I’ll answer this directly I’m a lazy, lonely, stoner kid looking for some kind of direction I have great friends and yet I’m always sad As if I actually have anything to be sad about  
I am not my mental disease I am not my physical alments  I am not a burden  I am not useless  I am not an attention seeker but I am strong I am a fighter  I am myself 
I am the child of seething ignorence. The rope in a game of Tug-of-War.  I am the child whos integrity was forfeited to a never ending sea of right and wrong, labeled as nothing more than a "lost cause"
I am not the easiest to get along with I am bitter at first taste and sour on the second. It comes from experience, a horrible coating to deter predators from consuming me.
  I am a Girl With a Heart that’s Frail Not even As Strong as any male   I am Smart and Small Weak not Tall It matters not
I am me.
I am me. I am music. Dancing around melodies Singing about songs Playing aloud notes I am music. I am me. Writing on paper Rhyming onward words Withering old sayings
Jessica K.
My imperfections They lie beneath Veins and arteries and flesh I have locked them behind The solidified bars of my ribs They reach out through the spaces And try to lock lips with confidence
I AM... I am the child that dreamed,  the child that believed, the child who saw wide open doors.
*I Just want to clarify that Jada is my little sister. And this was written while listening to "Cleanin' Out My Closet" by Eminem. I also consider rap a more fast paced type of poetry.
I am     Strong
I am Abiba Quartey
I am not what they say I am... I am no monster, ni demon, I am the unheard girl at the back of a room.
I am a percentage, I am the one out of four that suffers inside my mind I am the seventeen of one hundred born with darker skin
I am, Me, but who are we? See we are us because of two key factors,
I am the Child of the Rose, Romance dripping from my thorns.   I am the Child of the Wind, Everchanging in my nature.
Always Me Since the time I was quite small I have considered myself quite shy, Since the morning I awoke and thought my dad was going to die.
I am made of home   Home is a kitchen covered with ugly red and white striped wallpaper Dark green cabinets  A mess of papers and reminders and magnets and pictures covering the fridge 
I am my past, But I am also my future. I fight against who I used to be, But I accept how it will change me tomorrow. I used to accept the fate that I thought was destined,
I am..Alive When I should have died When I could have followed through I am..Alive Even though the knife was to my throat Even my note is in my pocket I am.. Alive
I am what you choose to see. The reflections of your actions, the words you speak. I am the light you let in, or the darkness you allow to consume thee. I am power and in control, 
Who am I? I am the nerd.  I am the player that gets picked last.  I am the pretty girl with no guys.  I am the forgotten name.  I am who everyone says to stay away from. 
                        Who I am is who some others want to be,                        My mother enourages me to be the best me,
I am a strong woman. I am intelliegent. I am radiant. I am a strong woman.
I am someone without a face, lost in the dark     I am not afraid
I will forever be a patriot of my country I will forever do my best to protect I will forever stand up for the pledge of allegiance If I physically can
A family followed
Life is like a storm, it's always unpredictable, but is sometimes readable.   I'd rather be a sturdy rock than be a lenient ribbon blown by the horrors of life's surprises.  
I am my father’s son For he who came before me hath done The same things I do here today: To work, to play, to fish in the bay..
The sand whispers As it falls from sun sticky skin Back through shadow Into anomanimity  "Shhhhhhh" it says Each grain as solid as the wall I built to block my tears Each handful as fluid
I am forgiving  that's what I'd like to believe  no matter how many wrongs you have, of them, I won't conceive  It is not that I am kind  or loving or sweet  the truth is I forgive others 
“I Am” Poem By: Heidy Aquino   I am positive and open-minded I wonder about the creation
morgan thompson
my skin tone, my weight should not be what defines meyou say I am privileged, or that I do not eatI care to much what society thinksbecause of the shoes that are on my feet
Who am I? The one to change the world , or the one to help erect the infastructure.
I am from bored out bamboo, from tinikling and hand-made entities. I am from the bahay kubo A small shelter, but a hunbling source of protection for many.   I am from Manila and Olongapo 
I am who I say I am... I am beautiful and loving because , Well because when I was looking for love it couldn't be found.
I am an artist. I draw with color. Flowing watercolors stream Down my cheeks from under my eyelids. Messy oil pastels spiral from my fingertips. Thin pencil lines trace my lonely
Imagine this: Laying down in your bed, about to fall asleep when BANG! BANG! BANG! You hear  someone shooting on your block. You hear a mothers cry for help. 
I am Sydney The smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning The orange scented face lotion my mother wore And salty waves lapping upon the shore
Craeated by love ending in divorce, the warrior starts his uphill battle. Used by someone he trusted and abused by someone he didn't know, yet the warrior carries on.
The real me lies in secret, hidden deep inside, it's eating me alive. The masks I've worn are pushing the real me deeper and deeper into the darkness, why does it have to be like this?
I am Santana I run from problems daily I can't fix them all I am a failure I can't do everything right I carry it all I am just a "kid" I can't do things on my own I always need help
Why am I here?
I am the black girl. I wonder why people aren't confident in their skin. I hear "you're ugly and you're fat."
Four brothers lost from each other. Two never born and one was taken. The last of the brothers was everything but shaken.   He didn't know anything, but later he would get visions.
Their words spilled like blood from an open wound What first seemed to be a flesh wound Became a permant scar But I guess I've earned my tiger stripes The conflicts and the rage brewed into 
5 years old, I stand true to who I am Loud, funny, obnxious, free Little did I know, it would flea   Middle school, I become anew  Mean, cruel, hateful, cool I was acting like a fool  
Who am i? That's the question to think.
Walk into school on the first day everypbody like ok Yeah i had J's on my feet, they like, "oh dang, yeah okay." Yeah I accept the compliments Pills in my face tried to offer shit
I Am… Beyond the Norm There are the people that we know, Not the same person entirely, no But the concept is all the same,
I Am the World Many people make claims and boasts of where they are from… But how does this define you, what is it about from where you come.
Gold Innards You see… Who I am is not, What the outside says about me. You see… My appearance is constantly at war,
I refuse to allow my past to define me, I am not my Diabetes. I am not my Anemia. I am not my Thyroditis, or my Hoshimotos Disease.  I am not the chronic illnesses that plauged my past. 
Look Around You On a cart full of lost minds On the track What used to be defined as communication is now A flick fo the thumb Rather than tell me yourself Nah, the black and white text got me
I learned to talk, I learned to see I could wander around this world And as I stumbled through the throng A peculiar thing unfurled
Collar Bones
I am
I once was a bad kid. I started to grow up and realizing what i did.  It wasn't easy to stop all of it. But i did it bit by bit.  It shaped me into the person I am today. And now I don't look back or the other way.
The quiet
I Am...   Not afraid of what lies ahead Or the road on which my feet will tread
I am from creativity, science, and music notes    From Picasso and Prismacolors, DNA and Mozart I am from the bustling bodies among the smokey atmosphere    From the beeps and honks of cars, trucks, and taxis
Her mom's name was lonely and her daddy's name was pain. Love wasn't her strong suit but she gave it everything. She wasn't the best writer but her words made a change. She did her best on everything, just so others would know her name.
They called me lazy, as if I could never lift myself up from the cracked concrete of depression, But I am Stronger than they think.  Not only did I lift myself, I lifted all of You as well.
“Intellectual, But average. Brilliant, But dull.” I am individual, I am a fighter, And I damn well am a woman with a voice.                               No single word can describe me,
It courses through my veins.
I am Erika. I am seventeen years old. A student, young scholar,
I am not that little girl The little girl who brings joy to the world The little girl who open's up hearts That girl was beautiful in so many ways She was spiritual and amazing She was a giver to the world
As one who is ready But not willing to grow The black shading Surrounds me I've learned this is home   Grown up with no father No control of my mind Young at heart, I grew sad
We all wonder though life. One foot in front of the other thinking all the time if the chooses we make are right. "Should I have left a note on that car?" "should I quit my job and look for a new one?" we all wonder.
Who am I? I can tell you who I am by telling you who I am not  I'm not cold  so Im hot if I'm not young I'm old but I'm not 
I stood at the stand Heart covered by my right hand My first opening argument as a mock lawyer I stood tall and stiff, just like Tom Sawyer I opened my mouth But no words came about
It is so ironic and so paradoxicalThat the one who assignsIdentities to every singlePerson that she meetsAnd characters that she createsIs the one who isMost unsureAbout her own.
I am a cheerleader on the sidelines cheering on her beloved Red Devils.  I am an outcast who lives in her room with her music on, and her world off. 
I am like a painted picture... As they pick up the brush The bristles slightly hit the paper They move their hand in every direction across the paper Bringing various colors together to form a mixture....  
I will never overcome being trapped and I will never say I can be anything I set out to be For that is far from the truth I am a failure It is foolish for me to think that
I Am... Changed  Because after you, I was destroyed. And I was trying to recreate myself, but it wasn't me. And that's what I am trying to show you That's why I am disappointed That's why I regret it.
I am a dreamer, a wonderer, and an adventurer. I wonder what kind of life I will live. I hear the sturggles of my family around me. I see the pain of them as they cry in worry.
King Fleek. I don't want to be known as any other person or be called any other nick-name than King Fleek. The Fleekness lives within me like mha hart and mah sole.
I am from TV      from Barbie and Disney I am from the poorly painted yellow and brown house      cluttered and cramped      It never felt like a home I am from the daisies,      the grass
I am from the judge life. Where "You live, and you learn life" I am from long nights and early mornings. No sleep with loud noises. I am from the late nights of crime.  Killings on each corner.
any standing structure, they throw on gas setting it ablaze and melting the brass on fear and freedom these fires do insist and further the plight of the anarchist   collapsing On top and rising below
Some say ridiculous, but it phases me not. Sometimes acting frivolous,  but only when I am distraught. Most of the time, working with diligence,  along with everything I have been taught.
You, Sir only uses people You, Sir only uses You, Sir use User
I am not who he thinks I am I am mysterious, I am coy
I was that little girl who you wouldn’t see with a frown on her face at age 5 I was that little girl who could brighten your day just by her laugh
I am from big names and unfair games From small cities and small opportunities Where no one makes it bigger than the person next to you   I am from dreaming but falling down hard
  You know I can hear you whispering Did you expect me to care? Guess what, it’s all true The rumors about Shannon and I In the school bathroom What? Did you think I was ashamed?
Who am I? A question that is constantly posed. And wouldn’t society like to know. But I know how they define people, and I refuse to let them define me as so.
I am from yellow chipped paint, From Talimage and Brant streets, The year round scent of Eucalyptus tree dust. I am from radio stations, Walkmans,             And trumpets: an extension of the arm.
I was always meant to be somebody but somehow... I did not know how I was gonna get there In the depths of the big city taking the subway... I had dreams so big and so vast that the sky couldn't hold it. neither could the air. 
When I see a little girl walking down the street I stop to think, what if that was me?  If I had the chance to go back and change who I am then what would I be? 
As a little girl our innocients is the world , It is the treasure box that we tend to keep closed without even knowing the evil in the world .
the black bird flies through the night he calls he swoop he turns all through the night the black bird flies he does not sleep till he finds what he is looking for  
I am not my sad days I am not my aching depression I am not my panicking anxiety I am not my mental illness   I am not the scars on my skin
I am Unique and BeautifulI wonder about fearI hear no justificationI see painI want freedomI am Unique and Beautiful
Core - Corey                                                                                                                               Page 45    Core - noun;
I could say that my life was changed in pre-school but that would be my mother's story.
I AM  A warr;or
I come from roots and trunks  those to branch out before I,  were cut short The first to branch out,  Only to provide shade  for "my" big brother  who takes our seeds abused and misplanted.
 The most horrific problem about being human is our most powerful quality... the ability to think.
There was a lot of tears that day, The day I was told that I was deaf. He came into the waiting room, his lips moving but only silence reaching my ears.  There was one thing I did understand though. 
Who I am? I'd rather begin with the obverse   A fixed and rooted entity comfortable and knowing of myself and things around me secure in my geography  
I am forged by life itself, the energy that surrounds me. It’s crafted me into the work of art I’ve came to be. Life wasn’t always sunshine for me however.            
I am the girl everybody looked down on and had no hope in 
Some try to define me as a person who's weird. Others say I'm simply avoident. To my parents, I'm just another mouth to feed. To my siblings, I am a money source. To my teachers,
You may say I am naive,
Feeling of the hot tensions rubbing against my chest, laying down popped in the back seat n cruze 20 11.
I am... I am more than just another African American man waiting to be brought down by today's society I am more than just another statistic of young African American boys being gunned down
I am not made up of DNA I am made up of gold. I am not made up of anything besides the strength I possess and precious metals Therefore nothing can break me down  
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