How I chose to define myself

I refuse to allow my past to define me,

I am not my Diabetes.

I am not my Anemia.

I am not my Thyroditis, or my Hoshimotos Disease. 

I am not the chronic illnesses that plauged my past. 

I never expected a life riddeled with hospital visits and medicine. 

Did it make me strong? 

I suppose.

Did it make me brave?


Did I learn that i had to be resonsable from a early age?


We never grow up knowing what might happen to us. 

We live life blindly going through the motions just  trying to achieve.

I could not control my brothers death or my fathers stroke.

What I can control are my desires to achieve. 

My passions and achievments are what i would say define me. 

My love to help others inspired to me to help form a GSA club at my school and make it a safe community for everyone.

My desire to create a positive life for myself has lead me to get a job and save money for my future. 

My passion to learn and excel in school have inspired me to tke numerous AP classes and try my best to be successful. 

That is how I chose to define myself.

I am not the hardships from  in my past. 

I am my hopes for a happy and healthy future I  will eventully create. 




This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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