Where am I from?


Where am I from...

I am from books.                     I am from suicide.

From intricate stories                              Or at least its prevention.

of broken, of beaten,                               Staying up late just

of damned, and of glory.           to ease the tension

Escaping the world                   between blade and skin.

Through letter and ink.            An unhealthy accord

Hoping for a plot twist,            performed by the ones

suspense and a jink.                 the world has abhored.

I am from music.                      I am from sadness.

The rhythm and sound.            From crying all night.

Fall Out Boy and Twenty-         The truth of the song

One Pilots astound.                   “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

A lyric can say                         From wanting so badly

what I want to scream.             to just be gone,

A verse can mean                      life fleeting and whithering

much more than                       like a hopeless

a dream.                                                  vagabond.

I am from fangirling.                I am from Granny

The screech and the gasp         who’s favoured the most

that comes when Dean            of all my family

stands too close to Cas.            Even though she’s a ghost.

Troyler, Ryden, and                   The ghost of good times

Petrick, the feels!                     before innocence died.

Fanfiction and                          before life strapped me in

art are both                            for a

part of the deal.                        fucked up joyride.

I am from art.                          I am from internet friends.

Expressing emotion                                   the ones who care.

through pencils and paint.       3 in the morning

What an exciting notion.         and I’m still there.

Anything counts                                        Aesthetics, collages

As long as you make it                              and best of all,

with passion and feeling,                         A network of people

then no one can                                      ready to catch

take it.                                              your fall.


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