Made up of Moments

I am made up of moments-

magical, heartbreaking, terrifying, exhilarating moments.


I am the sand against the toes of all my friends

during late night summer volleyball matches.


I am the hopeful rays of light that illuminated 

my father’s face as he sat on my bed and cried.


I am the city lights after a concert downtown

that leaves your ears ringing and head dizzy.


I am the foggy coastline and cold breeze

that promise of a blissful escape.


I am the pumpkin patch with the tall corn maze,

the one I never got the chance to enter.


I am the screams on the first roller coaster I ever rode,

with my sister by my side for one of the last times.


I am the laughter of my little brothers

that echoes through the grocery store.


I am the tears that soak my pillow

and the puffy red eyes at 3 am.


I am the morning sunrise from the car window

as my best friend drives into a new day.


I am the music loud and unfamiliar filling the place

I went with my friends after I heard of my parents divorce.


I am the disposable camera that captured my young smile 

peering out from under a baseball hat at the game with my dad.


I am the moments that I never want to forget

I am the moments that terrorize me in my sleep

I am the moments of joy and the moments of despair

and I am everywhere.

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