I Am...

I am average.

I'm not smart, I'm not pretty.

I'm not athletic, I'm not a genius.

I try my best, I work hard in school.

I do my chores at home, I go out with my few friends.

In life the smart are treated with praise, and the dumb are treated with pity.

But what about the average minded?

The not too smart, the not too dumb?

The not too athletic, the not too lethargic?

It's a succeed or fail world for the average minded,

You either excell or fall behind.

We get no pity. We get no praise.

We're expected not to need extra help,

Yet at the same time we're expected to be able to give help.

Don't take this as us being bitter,

For we could never be.

We're not expected to excell at everything,

And we're not expected to fall behind.

It's peaceful,

We're just in the middle.

To most, we're just the common populace,

Just a buffer zone between the gifted and the hindered,

A big gray blob on the colorful canvas of life.

A small grey spot on the bigger painting.

But you know,

Despite the downsides,

Despite the upsides,

On a colorful painting,

A little gray spot can make the biggest change.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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