Embracing "Alone"


That’s all that I am.

I was never part of “we”.

“We” never existed with me.

No matter how much I wished and hope,

“We” had always been a dream for a girl so weak.

They always say we need to stay strong,

That life is all about strength.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always been a porcelain figure,

Always asking myself how to find that ideal thing.

I’ve always struggled with looking over the mountain.

I’ve always been too focused on how people do it themselves.

How do others do it?

I was only curious for that one thing.

I always questioned strength.

Why must it exist to make me weak?

If I am weak, they say I will only fall,

But I am scared to fall,

Because falling means it’ll hurt.

I don’t have a knight in shining armor

That will be there to catch me when I do.

I don’t have what others have.

I didn’t forget.


I’ve never touched the clouds before,

And I’ve only gazed at the stars.

Big dreams that I am chasing.

I pray everyday that I will get that far.

Lonely is what I am,

And it’s not something I will ever get used to,

But it’s most of what I always am,

So to embrace it is what I’ve learned to do.



It’s upsetting.

It’s pathetic.

But it’s me,

And that being me,

I’ve learned.

You can only see cruelty when you meet it.

You can only know the truth when you touch it.

You can only share to the world when you’ve run away.

You can only do it when you’re alone.

I’ve seen it all.

I’ve met it all.



It hurts.

It’s suffocating,

But at least I know,

I am not blind.

This poem is about: 
My community




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