Eye of the Tiger

Here in lies the soul

There's a viciousness so bold

An animal like mentality

A jaded view of reality

All you see is what you desire

And other issues you don’t bother to inquire.


Open your eyes little tiger

Remember how you got here

The hurt you had to ensue.

Remember what they did to you?

They took your stripes and made you fight

They pushed and pulled you with all their might

They molded you to their desired form

They wanted to make you uniform.


Your conformity is your weakness

You’re a hostile hot mess

They made you like this

Who are you?


Do you weep when you see them

Do you fear to defy

Do you wonder what pieces of you are left inside.


You have a heart

You’ve been thoughtfully set apart

You are a majestic work of art.


Pick up those pieces of you not to restore but to remodel

Not to conform but to go full throttle.


Against the grain

Accepting all the pain

Let it shoot through you

Let it be the fuel on which you thrive.


Whose life will you impact

Can you stand to keep it all intact

Will you let the truth glide through your ears

Will you allow fear to consume you in tears.


Can you stand the fight

Did they take your heart

Not the organ but the will to drive

That’s what will keep you alive

The power that flows through your veins motivates you and causes you to thrive.


Open your eyes little tiger you have always been you.

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