Find me at the Yosemite

I am...

not what you think I am.

My facade is placid, but there's a whirlwind of thoughts spinning in my head.

I have opinions, just like everyone else.


In fact, I think the world is cruel.

(Yes, yes, strong words, I know, "I think.")

We are forced to believe that how one does in high school determines his or her future.

But I CAN be successful without letting a number on a transcript define me.

I CAN make friends without drinking until I pass out every Friday night.

I CAN wear clothes that are way too colorful for the human eye.


I am so much more than what they want to believe.

I can be the benefactor of my dreams,

the musician of my hopes,

the inventor of my own ideas.


I am a person of substance. 

I AM the future,

whether I am a doctor

or an artist.

I am unstoppable.


I am wildfire.

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